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Game Description

In Depraved Town, you wake up to find yourself making a deal with a succubus, an agreement where both sides win, you can corrupt and have any woman you want, and she gets stronger through the corruption you cause.

However, not everything will be easy, during your journey other people like you will try to intervene, and in time you will discover the true nature of your contract and its consequences.

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Installation Guide:

1- Extract and run.

Developer: JustAnotherDegenerate

Language: English

Version: 0.3.5

Genre: 3DCG, Male Protagonist, Corruption, Anal Sex, Handjob, Incest, Loli, Male Domination, Masturbation, Milf, Mind Control, Ntr (Optional), Oral Sex, Teasing, Titfuck, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, School Setting, Pregnancy.

Change Log

  • v0.3.5
  • Changes/Reworks:
  • Walkthrough
  • Icons, Mini Maps and General Map
  • Bugfix
  • Animations:
  • 24 New Animations
  • Intros:
  • Sasaki Phase 2 Intro
  • Tora Phase 2 Intro
  • Shiroi Phase 2 Intro
  • Corrupt:
  • Corrupt Ayako
  • Corrupt Nanami
  • Corrupt Kira
  • Corrupt Tora
  • Corrupt Masaka
  • Corrupt Hitagi
  • Corrupt Sasaki
  • Corrupt Shiroi
  • Corrupt Sumire
  • Corrupt Ella
  • Corrupt Anri
  • Corrupt Genji
  • Dates:
  • Nanami
  • Tora
  • Sex Scenes:
  • S*x Scene: Kira
  • S*x Scene: Nanami
  • S*x Scene: Masaka
  • S*x Scene: Tora
  • S*x Scene: Hitagi
  • S*x Scene: Sasaki
  • S*x Scene: Sumire
  • Random Scenes:
  • Home: Ayako Taking a Bath
  • Home: Kira Taking a Bath
  • Home: Nanami Taking a Bath
  • Home: Ayako in the Bathroom Pissing
  • Home: Kira in the Bathroom Pissing
  • Home: Nanami in the Bathroom Pissing
  • Home: Sleeping/Waking Up with Ayako
  • Home: Sleeping/Waking Up with Kira
  • Home: Sleeping/Waking Up with Nanami
  • School: Tora Teasing in Class
  • School: Masaka Teasing in Class
  • School: Rin Teasing in Class
  • School: Tora Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School: Hitagi Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School: Masaka Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School: Sasaki Phase 2 Teasing in Class
  • School Random Scene: Hitagi Library
  • School Random Scene: Molli Library
  • Park: Running with Kira
  • Park: Running with Nanami
  • Park: Running with Ayako
  • Park: Running with Ayako Phase 2
  • Park: Running with Masaka
  • Park: Running with Sumire
  • Beach: Masaka Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Masaka Phase 2 Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Ayako Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Ayako Phase 2 Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Tora Sun Bathing
  • Beach: Lena Sun Bathing

Link: Depraved Town Remake[v0.3.5 ] [JustAnotherDegenerate]