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Gary Roux, President of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, FL
Gary Roux, President of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, FL

This post was written by Gary Roux, President of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions, FL, our new landscape management division serving South Florida.

Anyone who has ever helped someone learn to ride a bike will understand the feeling of starting a new company or division. There’s lots of talk about what exactly to do – how to balance, how to pedal, etc. – and equally important, what not to do!

Once everyone is convinced that today is the day we are riding a bike, then the real learning begins. We hold the bike, run alongside it while the rider pedals like mad and focuses on balancing. Then – we let go of the seat and for a while success- then …uh oh…oh no… as we rush to the accident scene we calmly reassure the rider (or perhaps ourselves) …it will be alright … come on let’s brush that off…no really you will be OK, come on … get back on the bike, the next ride will be better.

And so it goes. Before long the fear and concerns of both the rider and the teacher subsides and the reward of “Hey look at me!! I can do it!!” is well worth all the pain and anxiety for all.

Neave Florida, our new landscape management division in South Florida, is equally as exciting. I am now up and pedaling, focusing on balance and getting a feel for the terrain. The team at Neave is holding the seat and running alongside.

Started nearly 40 years ago, the work ethic, integrity, client-centric standards, and sense of urgency that Bill Neave instilled into the culture will be well received by South Florida clients. I have been here nearly 15 years and I can remember my first impression of the local culture as it related to a sense of urgency- yoi!

In early 2008, I joined Neave Group as a General Manager and was happy to see that the entire team was as committed to exceeding client expectations as I was.  Later that year I decided to finish my MBA at Rollins and in 2011 went to work with a large national landscape firm.

I learned something very valuable in that experience: The world’s most passionate chefs are probably not working at McDonalds. While this landscape firm can certainly boast in terms of size, I have often said that they are to landscaping what McDonalds is to the hamburger. My expectations and standards were much higher than they were capable of delivering so it was time for me to move on.

Culture issues are a huge deal in being able to fit into a company. My standards are exceedingly high in terms of service and integrity. People who know me say it is impossible to find companies that have that same level of high expectations.

I began to wonder who could I work with that will do the right thing every time. Who has the integrity to never deliver less than promised to a client, even if they could “get away with it”? Who will show up early and stay late? Should I just go off and do this on my own? Nobody on the planet cares as much as I…whoa, wait, what about Neave Group?

I picked up the phone, called Scott Neave and told him that I think Florida could use a great landscape company, and yes, I know there are billions and billions of them, but not everybody wants to eat at McDonalds.

And so we began talking about how to ride a bike: How to balance, how to pedal, what to do, what not to do, and on and on. We made the decision that today is the day we are riding the bike…and now the real fun begins.

It is great to have the Neave team in Florida and supporting our branch’s success. You will find us in the Boca, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale areas, pedaling like crazy, finding our balance, and loving every minute of it.

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Today – I am writing simply to say thank you for a job well done.Your staff did our spring cleanup yesterday. The yard looks so much better, and to my delight – they cleaned up ALL of the debris – including the pile I built up at the head of our driveway.This is the kind of service that builds loyalty to an organization and just makes you feel good. Thank you for putting a smile on my face when I came home from work yesterday – just by seeing how nice the yard looked.
John and Linda B.Hopewell Junction, New York

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