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Landscape Plant for Front of HouseA well-planted landscape is welcoming, offers privacy and enhances your property value, too. But landscape plants can also be a problem without proper care and protection from disease. Property owners tend to focus on turf first—and lawn care is essential—but trees and shrubs need TLC so they can deliver the aesthetic and functional benefits you expect, from boosting curb appeal to providing shade. Sometimes, a tree or shrub will be in “desperation mode” before a property owner recognizes there is a problem.

Perhaps a shrub is shedding its leaves, and there are dying branches or discoloration of foliage. Maybe a flowering shrub is not producing buds. The less dramatic decline of trees and shrubs can occur from simply not keeping up with regular pruning, fertilization, and disease and pest control. Over time, the colorful plants will not look as vibrant—and you could end up replacing greenery sooner than you’d like.

The good news is, you can easily prevent common plant issues. Here are three strategies to keep your beautiful shrubs and flowers healthy.

#1 Keep an Eye on Your Shrubs and Trees

Plant Health CareIt might seem obvious, but the first step to maintaining healthy plants is to keep an eye on trees and shrubs so potential pest or disease problems can be identified early.

A trained lawn care specialist that has an intimate knowledge of your property will recognize signs of pests, disease, or nutrient deficiency before the plant suffers from severe damage.

This way, proper disease, and pest control, along with fertilization and tree and shrub pruning, can be put in place to prevent potential problems. 

The reality is, plant life does suffer and need to be replaced when signs are ignored. Enlisting in a professional who will monitor your site during regular visits is a significant long-term investment.

#2 Prevent Pests from Feeding on Vegetation

There’s no way to eliminate pests completely, and there are plenty of beneficial insects you want to stick around on your property because they contribute to a healthy ecosystem. The key is to control pests that can cause damage to vegetation and to recognize a pest issue before it becomes an all-out infestation that is more difficult to manage.

A lawn care specialist can implement an effective program to manage common landscape pests. While not as effective, there is a range of organic, reduced-risk pest treatments available too so you can feel comfortable with preventive pest control. And, if an infestation does occur, you’ll have an expert on your side with the tools to knock down the pest before they cause severe damage to your landscape.

#3 Implement a Specialized Lawn Care Plan

We tend to take good care of new shrubs and flowers after they are installed—watering them consistently and feeding them with nutrients so they can take root. But often, after greenery is established and mature in the landscape, we can overlook primary plant health care. Keeping up with regular lawn fertilization, along with disease and pest prevention, will help shrubs and flowers grow strong. And, we know that healthy plants do a better job of naturally fighting off disease, and they are more equipped to sustain environmental conditions like drought.

By implementing a specialized lawn care plan, you can ensure that your landscapes plants are getting the nutrition required to thrive in your landscape.

Trust the Pros to Protect Your Landscape

Don’t wait for landscape plants to decline before recognizing that your trees and shrubs need care. A consistent, lawn care plan and plant health care service will protect your investment and improve your curb appeal. 

Contact Neave Lawn Care, and a lawn specialist will visit your property and conduct a free site assessment. Call us in Westchester, NY at 914-271-7996, Connecticut at 203-212-4800 and Hudson Valley, NY at 845-463-0592. Or, fill out this simple contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.  

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