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You may have looked around last weekend and noticed that fall is in full swing here in New York and Connecticut. And maybe you also looked down as you stood on your patio in bare feet and noticed your toes were turning blue!

Autumn is one of the most beautiful seasons around, and it’s a shame when chilly temperatures drive us inside instead of allowing us to enjoy the colors and nip in the air from right in the middle of it.

Great news: There are lots of ways to extend the life of your patio into the fall and winter, so you don’t have to lurk around indoors while nature changes seasons outside of your windows.

Here are four ideas to transform your patio for fall and winter and buy you a little more time outside.

Patio Season Extension Tip #1: Play With Fire

Fire hasn’t been around since the cavemen for nothing. It’s the quickest way to add life, color, and warmth to a winter landscape!

If you’re considering an outdoor living overhaul, you might consider adding a built-in fireplace to your new patio for year-round structural interest and a perfect way to keep warm during the cooler months.

But if you’re looking for a portable, no-installation solution, there are plenty of gorgeous (and functional) free-standing fire pits available, too. Whether hammered copper or matte black steel fits with your taste, there’s probably a fire pit out there that will integrate beautifully into your landscape design.

There are also flameless outdoor space heaters, both freestanding and built-in, that can do wonders if you need warmth without the open flame of a fire pit or fireplace.

Patio Season Extension Tip #2: Put a Roof On It

Protect your patio and everyone who spends time on it from the elements with some kind of canopy or roof. Whether you install a retractable canvas awning, which is also great for warm, sunny days, or erect a more temporary solution, a type of roof over your head will help keep any warmth in and, most importantly, keep the elements out.

Patio Season Extension Tip #3: Plush It Up

Make your patio cozier and more conducive to cool-weather cuddling by adding weatherproof cushions to your patio furniture. Wrought-iron and wooden furniture can be pretty inhospitable when cold weather freezes it to the core.

Cushions to create a barrier between you and the hard surface are available in plenty of different fabric patterns and colors to suit your personal outdoor décor style and budget. Plus, when it gets really chilly, add layers of blankets (the kind you don’t mind getting wet or dirty, preferably) for when the cold air is too much to bear in just a jacket.

Patio Season Extension Tip #4: Splurge On Radiant Heat

Cozy cushions, a little shelter from the storm and a built-in fireplace — three ways to extend the life of your patio into fall

Ever dreamed of a heated patio? Thanks to modern technology, it’s actually possible now!

There are lots of variations here, but my personal favorite is fully automated systems available with sensors that know when it’s getting wet or chilly. They automatically warm up according to your local weather conditions.

It can be pricey, but it’s an investment in your comfort that you just might find worth it. While many of these seasonal extension strategies are easy to do yourself, installing a patio with radiant heating is probably a job best left to the patio design and installation professionals like the ones at Neave Group.

Need an immediate solution? If all else fails, brew up a strong pot or put the kettle on, then mix up a hot toddy or Bailey’s and coffee to fight the elements with a boozy shield. (Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!)

Patio Season Extension Tip #5: Call the Professionals

Final suggestion: Get in touch with the design professionals at Neave Landscaping before the cold really sets in. We’ll help you get set up with a patio you can enjoy year-round, including well into the fall and winter.

Call (845) 463-0592 if you’re in the Hudson Valley, (914) 271-7996 from Westchester County or (203) 212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out the web form on the right-hand side of this page, no matter where you’re located, and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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I have been working with Neave for over 5 years. They have done various jobs for me. From landscaping, irrigation and custom work like pillars in the driveway etc. This spring Neave transformed my backyard building an infinity edge pool with a lower level sitting area plus outdoor kitchen etc. Kris Schmitt and Lee Kind were the 2 from Neave who managed and designed the space. We have enjoyed the pool and all for the entire summer. Many thanks to Neave, Kris and Lee for turning our backyard into …
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