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DIY can be a great deal of fun. DIY can also act as a hobby that can make you feel more involved in the upkeep and beautification of your home. DIY landscape design, however, is risky. Why take the chance of ruining something as important as the very property you reside on? Forty plus years’ experience has taught us a few things, and one of them is to know when to pass off work to others who know their stuff better than we do. That is why we have different divisions.

Our Landscape division is chock full of degree holders in horticulture and engineering. We even have a landscape architect on staff. We proudly serve New York’s Hudson Valley, Western Connecticut and Westchester areas with pride.

risks of hiring a diy landscaperAvoid These Mistakes by Having a Landscape Design Plan

A common DIY project for homeowners in New York’s Hudson Valley, Western Connecticut or Westchester is landscaping and gardening to improve their home. Everybody wants a backyard oasis that is as functional as it is beautiful. Sure, you can pop in a few random bushes here and there and throw some colorful flowers in for the spring, but the reality of landscaping is that it is an art form. Any good art needs a plan – long before paint touches canvas or clay is thrown. It is no different with landscaping, that is why at Neave Group we create a master plan.

neav group landscaping pondWhat is a Landscape Master Plan?

A Neave designed master plan is an all-encompassing design of your property. Our landscaping master plans are like road maps of your ideal outdoor space. Because we create these with you and not for you, we get to be on the journey together. Being on a journey together throws up new ideas and perspectives for both sides. We are partners in this and it should never feel like a top-down relationship. Your ideas are what drive us forward. When we work together, it may get complex, but it will always be fun.

neave group landscaping diy risksThe Dangers of DIY Haphazard Planting

Our landscape design always takes into consideration all the pertinent environmental factors that bear on your personal space before we select any plants. Picking plants based on aesthetic preference is folly, as it does not respect the land nor what the plants want to do.

Not all plants will work in your yard, no matter how much you want them to. Native plants will. A professional landscape designer from Neave Group knows this and will help you choose accordingly. We are, ultimately, just stewards of this great country. It is our duty to leave it in a better state than when we found it. Good landscape design can achieve this goal, and we are proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to accomplish that feat.

beautiful landscape design by neave groupThe Danger of Neglecting Your Indoor View

DIY landscaping (as in any DIY work) can sometimes miss the little things. In any discipline, though, the little things can loom large and problematic down the road. What some DIY projects forget – landscape wise – is that landscaping is just as visible from the inside as it is from outside.

Neave Group landscape designers respect this and design accordingly. Our 3D renderings can look at window placement, existing tree placement, sunlight declination and more. We will formulate a plan that focuses on what will work and what won’t.

Why Take the Chance on a Risky DIY project?

You have worked hard to build a home. Let the experts help you to mold that home into a castle. At Neave Group, we only use industry best practices to bring your home to another level of comfort, style, and sustainability. Contact us to find out how.

new york and connecticut landscape maintenance

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