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Sample of a Landscape on how to keep weeds out of lawn

Lawn weeds are persistent, and you can spend half of your weekend plucking the unsightly plants out of your landscape beds and lawn only to wake up the next day with fresh weeds to conquer. Troublesome plants can kill your curb appeal, and they compete with healthy turf and plants for nutrients. Unfortunately, troublesome plants survive quite well in poor soil conditions where the plants you want to grow can struggle.

That’s why gaining control over overgrown grass and weeds must be a holistic process that addresses soil health and is tailored to your property’s specific environment.

When your lawn is healthy and lush, there’s little room for invasive weeds to creep in. When landscape beds are properly treated with pre-emergent and mulched, invasive lawn weeds have a harder time surviving. Ultimately, scheduling weed control services to get the beautiful yard you deserve requires a multi-faceted approach and the expertise of a pro who can properly identify undesirable plants before they become an invasive problem.

Here are five tips to keep weeds out of your lawn in New York or Connecticut.

#1 Consider the Big Picture—What Conditions are Fueling Invasive Weeds in Lawns?

There’s a reason invasive weeds are encroaching on your Westchester, NY property, and in order to maintain a healthy lawn, we need to get to the root of the issue. A soil analysis report includes taking soil samples to determine its pH and identify possible nutrient deficits. We’ll study weather patterns and note areas that get more or less sunlight and water. We’ll note the topography of your property and properly identify existing weeds. With a complete analysis like this, a lawn care professional can develop a tailored, holistic program to control and prevent undesirable plants for the long-term.

#2 Start Early—With Pre-Emergent Control

Curbside Flowers sample on how to keep weeds out of lawn

Out of sight, out of mind. If you think your lawn and landscape doesn’t have a weed problem because you can’t see any dandelions, crabgrass or nutsedge, think again. Weed seeds germinate beneath the soil surface, so what lies beneath could be a disaster if you let it grow.

The solution is a landscape and lawn care program that incorporates pre-emergent weed control to prevent germinating seeds from cropping up. You know what they say about an ounce of prevention. Believe us, pre-emergent weed killer will spare you the frustration of a whack-a-mole game of keeping these pesky plants out of landscape beds.

#3 Suppress with Mulch—Don’t Skip This Step

After spraying pre-emergent weed killer to landscape beds, a layer of mulch will help suppress unnecessary plants. Mulch is not weed control, so don’t expect to stop a lawn weed problem by covering it up. However, mulch helps the soil retain moisture and prevents light from reaching beneath the surface. Not to mention, mulch gives landscape beds a neat, clean appearance.

#4 Address Soil Health—Grow Stronger, Weed-Resistant Turf

Lawn weeds have less of a chance of surviving when your turf is strong, lush and resilient. To accomplish this, we recommend customized turf services that are tailored to your property’s needs, which are revealed during the lawn analysis. In general, a lawn care program should include pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide treatments to manage invasive lawn weeds throughout their life cycle. Fertilization provides vital nutrients to the turf, and spot-treating weeds might be necessary to handle especially stubborn plants, such as a patch of crabgrass.

Building up your lawn to resist weed growth takes time. But with a consistent, holistic lawn care program that might also incorporate organic products, you can strengthen turf. Strong, healthy turf helps keep undesirable plants out because there simply isn’t enough “real estate” for the unwanted plants to grow.

#5 Call in the Pros to Get Rid of Weeds in Your Lawn

Westchester Landscape on how to keep weeds out of lawn

How much time do you want to dedicate to weeding landscape beds? Weed prevention can become a fulltime job without lawn care maintenance services from professionals.

A lawn care professional can alleviate the burden so you can spend your free weekend hours enjoying your outdoor space, swimming in your pool, or entertaining family and friends.


You can get the beautiful lawn you want and enjoy it rather than fighting a constant weed battle.

Find out how Neave Lawn Care keeps lawn weeds from growing on Connecticut and New York properties. A free analysis will uncover root issues so our pros can tailor a program just for you.

Call us in Westchester, NY at 914-271-7996, or fill out our lawn landscape contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.


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FREE Landscape Care & Maintenance Guide

Download our FREE guide for a more beautiful, healthier landscape in no time!

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