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neave lawn care servicesIt’s a problem every property and homeowner encounters – we’re talking about the ugly, annoying, and harmful weeds and bugs that try to ruin your lawn and garden. If you don’t control either, they will damage the beauty and health of your outdoor space by taking away needed light, water, and space for your landscape to grow.

If you’re having to deal with both weeds and pests constantly and sick and tired of seeing them ruin your landscape, use these helpful tips to get rid of them for good and watch your lawn and garden flourish.

Weed Control Tips

Chances are you have walked your property and noticed weeds peeking their ugly heads around your lawn and garden. This leads you to have to go through the pain of getting on your hands and knees and digging them out, it’s never fun but there are solutions. lawn care and weed controlHere are some great tips to help you remove weeds from spreading and helping you maintain the look of your landscape.

Mulch and Mulch Some More

The best way to prevent prevent weeds from taking over your yard is to smother them with mulch to keep them away from sunlight. Mulch keeps the soil of your plant life moist and cool and blocks sunlight so the weeds won’t germinate. There are many different types of mulch you can use, such as wood chips, bark, pine needles, and straw. Organic mulch is also a great option as it attracts crickets and carabid beetles that eat weed seeds.

Chop The Heads Off

If you’re having issues with removing the weeds, you might think the best solution is to simply remove the heads using either pruning loppers or shears. Cutting off the heads has a short-term benefit but the best solutions are to pull the weed out by the root or spray it with weed killer.

Water Your Plants, Not Your Weeds

This is easier said than done as it can be tedious to water plants by hand while avoiding giving water to the weeds. We recommend using a drip irrigation system that sits beneath your mulch where it efficiently hydrates your plants but if your weeds are not treated first you will be watering your weeds too. Depriving weeds of water reduces seed growth by up to 70 percent.

Bug Control Tips

Having an outdoor living space full of gorgeous plantings and trees brings both aesthetic pleasure and unfortunately, harmful insects and pests. It’s important you take the right measures to prevent these critters from doing serious damage to your landscape and preventing higher control costs. pest control from neaveHere are some quick tips to keep those harmful bugs and pests under control and leave your outdoor landscape looking lush and healthy.

Keep Your Lawn Maintained

This should go without saying no matter if you didn’t have insect and pest problems, but making sure your grass is short, and removing fallen leaves, dying foliage, and other debris, will help prevent harmful insects from laying eggs and spreading throughout your lawn and garden. A helpful tip is to trim your bushes and shrubs because insects love finding a home in areas that aren’t well maintained.

Remove Food Sources

It’s no surprise that insects go where the food is and by keeping food sources away from your plant life and home will drastically improve bugs from damaging your landscape. If insects find food near your home, chances are they are going to find a way inside. To prevent this issue be sure to remove garbage, bird food, fallen fruits and vegetables, and other food sources away from your property.

Watch Out for Standing Water

Watering early in the day is your best friend when it comes to preventing insects from taking over your lawn and garden because it gives your soil more time to dry. Insects are attracted to moisture and it’s important to not over-water because you are asking for bugs to find a new home.

Trust the Expert to Keep Your Lawn Safe

The professionals at Neave Lawn Care offer custom plans to help eliminate bugs including mosquitoes and ticks. We will help you avoid the unwanted costs of replacing plants, trees, and shrubs due to harmful bugs and pests destroying your landscape. Our arborists and professional pest control technicians can safely help you identify and act quickly to control and eliminate the problem. We even offer all-natural, organic methods to help eliminate pests. Contact us today to have a specialist walk through your outdoor living space and find the best way to care for your lawn and remove insects and pests once and for all.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call us at (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form, and we’ll contact you about setting up your free consultation.

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I just want to let you know how happy we are with our lawn renovation. Even though we had been using a commercial lawn care company to fertilize and control weeds, our lawn had been steadily deteriorating. The grass would respond following a fertilization, but it never really thrived. We called Neave last September, they sent Mario to analyze the problems we were having, and he made several suggestions. In addition to a weed preventative and slow acting fertilizer, he highly recommended aerat… Read more
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