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Mowing grass in a football stadiumWith Labor Day behind us and those white pants stored securely out of reach (right?), it’s time to start thinking about fall. The kids are back in school, and we can only hope there will be a nip in the air in no time.

Fall is one of the best times for your lawn – temperatures are cooler and the air usually isn’t as dry, which helps it recover from the hot, dry summer – and it’s also your prime time to prepare the lawn for winter. Here are a couple of areas to focus on as you start winterizing.


By now, you should already have treated your lawn for weeds. If you haven’t, take care of it now! Weeds love any sign of a thaw, and they’re much better at standing up to surprise frosts than other plants in your lawn. They’ll wake up stronger than ever in spring.

Aeration and overseeding

Fall is also a great time to aerate and overseed your lawn. Aerating is a simple process: It just opens up the soil so your lawn can breathe better. It allows more room for the roots to move, and it lets water and nutrients penetrate through the ground down to the roots more quickly. If you have a weed problem, aeration and overseeding can help sort it out – overseeding will crowd out the weedy plants and replace them with lush new grass.

Read our extensive post about the benefits of lawn aearation here.


Just like bears and other animals like to load up on nutrients and good food before turning in to hibernate for the winter, your lawn would also benefit from one last meal of fertilizer before the freeze starts to set in. Do this as late as possible – October is a perfect time.

A couple more quick tips

Here are two more things that will help you transition through the fall:

First, cut down on watering. Not only is it cooler and less dry during the fall, but the days are also shorter and the nights longer. Your lawn doesn’t have as much time to absorb all that moisture during a short day!

Finally, keep your grass shorter during the fall, too. The last cut of the year should be as closely cropped as possible to help you avoid snow mold and rot on longer turf.

With just a few simple steps and a little extra preparation, you’re guaranteed a nice, green lawn once the spring thaw sets in after that long winter.

If your time is limited this fall, or you just want the expert’s helping hand, give our turfcare specialists a call at our Neave Group lawn care division at (845) 463-0592. Or feel free to leave your questions in the comments below and we’ll be sure to answer them.

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I just want to let you know how happy we are with our lawn renovation. Even though we had been using a commercial lawn care company to fertilize and control weeds, our lawn had been steadily deteriorating. The grass would respond following a fertilization, but it never really thrived. We called Neave last September, they sent Mario to analyze the problems we were having, and he made several suggestions. In addition to a weed preventative and slow acting fertilizer, he highly recommended aerat… Read more
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