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rain-puddle-patrick-fellerEvery year around this time, things start to dry up in South Florida. It’s not unusual for us to go weeks with no rain – and despite the fact that this is an annual occurrence, it’s jarring nonetheless. So what’s a property manager or business to do when faced with the end of Florida’s rainy season?

Of course, the most important consideration for any landscape is whether the plants you’re using are the best fit for your location in terms of soil type, sun exposure, watering and more. It’s a simple concept but one that’s easy to overlook when there are so many beautiful plants to choose from in South Florida.

Choose the right plants

You can visit the Florida-Friendly Landscaping site for an interactive, searchable plant database that offers plenty of information on which plants are best for your landscape.

Neave Group Outdoor Solutions can also offer professional recommendations on low-maintenance plants to add to your commercial property and landscape – or design a brand-new landscape that’s perfectly suited to year-round Florida weather.

Know the rules

You’ll also want to be sure you know local rules and regulations on when watering is allowed. Go to for a great chart that lays it all out. It’s important to note that these restrictions are pretty far reaching: They apply to private wells and pumps, ground and surface water, and water from public and private utilities.

Be diligent about maintenance

Use sharpened blades on your mowing equipment, set to the right height; dull blades will increase your water usage. Fertilize with the right amount of properly blended fertilizer to improve plant health and reduce stress. Water deeply twice a week to encourage deeper root growth.

(And if you’re not sure about these things, Neave Group provides professional turf and ornamental management with well-maintaned equipment and perfectly blended fertilizers applied at the right time!)

Keep tabs on your irrigation system

If you have a sprinkler system, make sure it’s up to date on inspections and maintenance. There are a lot of moving parts and factors in keeping an irrigation system in good working order, including pressure, coverage, components, clock settings and other fuctions.

You can install emitter heads or drip systems in beds to reduce your water use and improve water delivery to the plants. They also reduce mildew caused by traditional heads’ tendency to overspray.

Neave Group can provide professional irrigation checks to cover all these bases – an irrigation system in good condition saves your business money and uses much less water.


The common thread among all these tips is being proactive. Neave Group offers professional property scouting to help identify small issues before they become big problems when you need them the least.

Give our Boca Raton office a call at (561) 235-1680 to talk about making the most of your landscape during Florida’s dry season – and year round.

image source: Patrick Feller

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Just when I think Neave’s can’t outdo themselves they do. We are SO HAPPY with the touches your landscaping has added to our home. Thank you for everything.
M/M D.Lagrangeville, New York

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