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weed control lawn fertilization New YorkWhether you live in a cozy Arts and Crafts bungalow with a postage-stamp yard or a palatial mansion with sprawling acreage, there’s one property hallmark that will guarantee you’ll be the envy of the neighborhood: Your lawn.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer white picket fences or rain barrels; a perfectly lush, green lawn is something all homeowners can agree they crave.

Simply fertilizing and watering isn’t enough — proper weed control, lawn fertilization and overall landscape health take a lot of diligent work, and often a lot of product applications, too. For the best possible lawn care, Neave Group’s lawn care division recommends a seven-step program that, just for fun, we’ll call “the Cadillac Package.”

Seasonal lawn care

Early spring

In early spring, apply a balanced fertilizer with pre-emergent crabgrass weed control to kick start your lawn’s care as the weather warms up, controlling crabgrass and broadleaf weeds in the process.

Mid- to late spring

Apply more fertilizer, this time with weed and grub control to get rid of grubs and their larvae! This is also a perfect time to attack weeds; they’re just big enough to grab onto, but if you go in too late, you’ll need two or three applications to control them. We also inspect for surface insects and crabgrass, and treat them as needed.

Early summer

Before hot weather sets in, we fertilize with natural-based slow-release nitrogen and do a full blanket pest-control treatment throughout the yard. We also apply further crabgrass treatments as needed.

Late summer

When the hottest months are behind us, we fertilize with PhysioCal fertilizer with lime, which controls pH and helps the fertilizer do its best work. We also do weed control for pesky weeds unique to autumn.


Finally, in the fall, we apply a natural-based, slow-release fertilizer for an all-out nitrogen supercharge that will feed grass all winter while it’s dormant.

Other seasonal lawn care services

Core aeration

Core aerators are machines that punch holes in the ground and pull sections out, helping remove compactions and allowing water, nutrients and oxygen to penetrate all the way down to the roots. Lawn aeration also gets rid of thatch, a layer of organic matter between your grass and the soil that can be a favorable environment for pests and disease. Learn more about lawn aeration tips in this helpful post.


Overseeding is exactly what it sounds like. It makes the lawn thick and plush, which, in addition to looking beautiful, can aid in weed control and requires less frequent waterings.

Get in touch for a customized plan!

We realize this Cadillac Package isn’t for everyone, so we’ve developed a process for developing a customized lawn care package for each customer. Every program begins with a free on-site turf analysis to help Neave’s lawn care professionals get to know your lawn, including diagnosing existing problems, identify future concerns and generally evaluate what services you may need.

To get the process started or ask any questions you might have, contact us through our handy web form to the right or feel free to give our lawn care experts a call at (845) 463-0592. Ask for Mario — he geeks out on this lawn care stuff.

Homeowner's Guide to Lawn Care

care maintenance cover

FREE Landscape Care & Maintenance Guide

Download our FREE guide for a more beautiful, healthier landscape in no time!

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