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new york and connecticut outdoor kitchen appliancesA quality grill is the foundation of your outdoor kitchen. But there’s more to choosing outdoor kitchen appliances for your New York or Connecticut outdoor living area than simply deciding whether you want charcoal or gas.

By outfitting your outdoor kitchen with a range of appliances, you create a more functional environment suited for preparing intimate family dinners—or feeding the masses at large gatherings.

Think about it: You probably wouldn’t prepare dinner in your home kitchen without relying on a refrigerator, oven, sink and dishwasher for cleaning up. So why not consider the same amenities for your outdoor kitchen? You’ll be more likely to use and enjoy the space if it’s equipped with appliances that allow you to cook with convenience.

You’ll want to discuss appliances during the first stage of the outdoor kitchen design process. That way, your landscape’s masonry can accommodate and coordinate with your appliances (grill, sink, oven). All that stainless steel should blend with hardscape features — and an experienced landscape designer will know how to seamlessly incorporate all of the appliances choose.

Following are some outdoor kitchen appliances your landscape designer might suggest when designing the space.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance #1: A Great Grill

Size does matter when choosing a grill. How many people do you plan to entertain in your outdoor kitchen? If you pack in the guests at parties, look for a 36-inch or larger gas grill. When choosing a grill, you’ll want to consider:

  • BTUs: More heat means faster cooking. So look for 12,000-plus BTUs per burner.

  • Material: Stainless steel is the gold standard, and the lower the “grade,” the higher the quality (304 is better than 430).

  • Cooking surface: 600 to 900 square inches of cooking surface should suffice for family and party grilling.

  • Grates: Choose stainless steel and cast iron grates.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance #2: Gas Or Electric Ovens

A gas or electric oven allows you to prepare side dishes outdoors rather than running back and forth from your home kitchen to the patio. Plus, you can keep grilled food warm in an oven. Or, opt for a warming drawer.

You can even talk to your landscape designer about a pizza oven. These can serve as visual centerpiece of your outdoor kitchen, and provide entertainment for guests who enjoy watching the open fire.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance #3: Extra Side Burners

Rather than integrating burners into the grill, separate side burners give you the flexibility of having an additional heat source for cooking. You can boil water, prepare side dishes, heat up sauces or sauté veggies on the side burners while using the grill to cook your filet mignon (or lobster tails…or basic burgers).

Side burners allow you to use full-size pots and pans, too. Don’t forget a vent hood if your outdoor kitchen is close to the home. You’ll need a way to direct exhaust away from living spaces.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance #4: An Outdoor Sink

With an outdoor sink, you’ll avoid the hassle of piling up dirty dishes and hauling them indoors for washing. Your landscape designer can ensure that proper plumbing is incorporated into the space to allow for this convenience.

Outdoor Kitchen Appliance #5: A Dishwasher

Assuming you’ll want to ditch the paper plates for dinnerware — at least some of the time — including a dishwasher in your outdoor kitchen design makes cleanup easy.

You’ll choose to dine outdoors because all of the conveniences of your home kitchen are right there. Even better, a dishwasher that can run while you relax with a glass of wine and enjoy the beautiful setting.

Let Us Help You Choose!

Need some help choosing appliances for your outdoor kitchen? Get in touch with the experts at Neave Masonry to get started. We’ve got an eye for design — and we can help you create an outdoor kitchen with all of the conveniences you enjoy in your home kitchen.

If you’re in the Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. If you’re in Westchester County, call (914) 271-7996; from Connecticut, dial (203) 212-4800. Or, fill out our simple web form to have us contact you for a complimentary landscape consultation.

You can also download our free landscape planning guide if you’re looking for more inspiration.

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