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sealing pavers on croton new york patio
Protect your investment by sealing pavers on your patio.

With proper care, a newly installed landscape will flourish to its full potential within a few years. Grass becomes green and lush; shrubs and perennials fill out and establish themselves in their beds; trees dig down their roots. As time passes, all the outdoor elements you planned truly become part of your home — and it’s a beautiful process to watch!

There’s one exception: Time can wreak havoc on your hardscaping (especially here in New York!), whether it’s a well-traveled walkway, a much-loved patio or even the concrete slab under a poolside pergola. Here are just a few things that can happen in a short period of time:

  • Brick pavers begin to fade or discolor from the sun and other elements
  • Mold and mildew grows in the joints between your stone or brick pavers
  • Erosion and shifting of paving
  • Weeds grow between pavers
  • Pest issues arise in the joints of your pavers

But there’s good news here! It’s not hard to protect your pavers from the elements. A simple regimen of sealant, year after year, can shield your pavers from damage and keep them looking like new as your landscape grows around your patio or walkway. This can be a DIY project or you can hire a professional that offers paver sealing services.

Here’s a look at the many benefits of sealing the pavers in your landscape.

Aesthetic benefits of sealing pavers

sealing stone pavers
sealing stone pavers can give them a “wet” look.

Depending on the finish of the sealant you choose, sealing pavers can add a different look to the stone, sometimes creating a sheen over the entire patio or walkway — an almost wet look — that’s safe to walk on (not slippery) and absolutely beautiful.

And because a good coat of sealant protects pavers from water, UV rays from the sun and other harsh elements, the original color of your pavers is protected, too. (Unsealed pavers will lose their color as time passes!)

Sealing pavers also makes them more resistant to staining, so if your driveway is made of concrete pavers or natural stone pavers, dripping oil from your car, tire tracks and other surface stains will have less of an impact if you’ve properly sealed it.

Structural benefits of sealing pavers

Sealant helps keep your pavers’ joint sand in place and makes those tiny spaces resistant to insects, mildew and weeds that might grow up between your pavers.

And because your pavers will be less susceptible to water that makes the sand move underneath it, your entire patio or walkway will be less likely to shift and lose its shape. (That means it’ll be safer to walk on, too.)

Sealing pavers even helps make your life easier: Properly sealed pavers are far easier to clean because they have an increased surface density and maintain a smoother feel, with fewer imperfections.

For homeowners, it takes a commitment to reapplying the sealant every couple of years, but it’s well worth it to seal your pavers from an aesthetic and maintenance perspective. If you have large areas of paving and don’t have the necessary time to commit, look for a professional who offers paver sealing services (We can help!).

Bottom line: Sealing your pavers protects the investment you’ve made in your hardscaping for years to come. That way, as the rest of your landscape grows and matures, your pavers will stay young and fresh to match — instead of becoming prematurely old and decrepit!

If spending your weekend sealing your concrete paver patio or your driveway doesn’t appeal to you, you can always hire a professional contractor like Neave that offers paver sealing services. We work throughout New York and Connecticut with homeowners and commercial properties alike. You can request a consultation and quote for paver sealing services by filling out our handy contact form. Or we welcome your calls at (845) 463-0592.

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