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Workers Removing Swimming Pool CoverReady for pool weather? You might be thinking about warmer days, lounging by the pool after work with a cocktail—or planning a Memorial Day weekend barbecue for the official opening of your Westchester, NY pool. You are ready. But your swimming area needs some spring pool maintenance before you can dive into the swimming season.

Even if you perform pool service yourself throughout the summer, you’ll want a professional pool service business to handle the opening and closing maintenance. Proper opening and closing can reduce maintenance and repair costs, so you want the job done right—otherwise, you could end up paying for mistakes down the road.

What does it take to open a swimming pool in spring? Here are five important spring pool maintenance tips our certified service technicians take to get your swimming area ready for warm weather.

#1 Remove and Store Winter Cover

Your swimming pool cover tends to collect nature’s leftovers during winter—leaves, brush, water from melted snow or rain. Before removing and storing the cover, it should be free and clear of debris. This is also a good time to thoroughly clean the cover to maximize its life.

#2 Clean the Swimming Area

Dirty water is treated. The swimming area can also be vacuumed at this time, and pool equipment such as fencing and grates are replaced.

#3 Replace the Water

A technician will add water if the water level is too low. The correct water is the midpoint of the pool skimmer so water can properly flow to the filter.

#4 Inspect & Restart Equipment

A thorough inspection of pool equipment such as filters, heaters and pumps will allow the service technician to identify any faulty components or potential issues. We’ll review the condition of and suggest pool equipment repairs or upgrades, if necessary. By keeping up with regular maintenance, you can avoid surprises and get your pool opened on time for spring. Now that the water level is appropriate, the equipment can be connected and tested to check for any leaks.

#5 Chemically Balance the Water

When water is not properly balanced, it can deteriorate the pool equipment and shell. A certified pool operator will test your chlorine levels and pH to ensure that water is safe and healthy. The chemicals required to achieve the perfect balance include chlorine, muriatic acid, sodium bicarbonate, calcium, stabilizer and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) powder for DE filters. Healthy water has a pH of about 7.4.

Spring into Swimming Season

Get your swimming area ready for the warm weather by scheduling a pool maintenance service visit with a certified pool operator at Neave Pools. 

Contact us at 914-271-799 in Westchester, NY, 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, and 203-212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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