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Swimming Pool PH Water Testing
Checking your pool water’s chemical balance is just one annual pool service task.

The way we see it, one of the only drawbacks to having a pool is those months you spend during the winter, gazing longingly at your pool patio and pool cover, gathering snow and debris while your tan quickly fades.

We feel your pain — as a swimming pool contractor, we spend all winter preparing for the summer. It never seems to come soon enough — but it does arrive eventually! And now that Memorial Day is here, summer is just around the corner. Pool season is back!

Important Maintenance Guidelines to Keep in Mind

Is your swimming pool ready? Here are six important pool management duties you should take care of as we hurtle into the summer we’ve all been waiting for:

  1. Remove and store your winter cover somewhere safe, where it won’t be damaged for next year
  2. Drain your pool’s dirty water, if you emptied it to a winterized level before covering it
  3. Remove any debris that may have gathered during the fall and winter
  4. Chemically clean entire pool interior and exterior to give you a foundation for beautifully clean water throughout the summer
  5. Inspect your pumps, filtration equipment and other mechanical elements for damage and other problems
  6. Chemically balance your pool’s water

These tasks don’t have to take a long time, but it’s important to be thorough…and you do want your pool to be ready for a swim when you are! Do you need a contractor company to take care of the necessary pool service tasks? You can count on Neave Pools to take care of your routine maintenance needs.

Let Our Service Technicians Handle Your Pool Service!

Installing your swimming pool was a huge investment, and it only makes sense to thoroughly protect that investment. You wouldn’t have dug your own hole and installed the pool yourself, so why should you try to do all the care and maintenance yourself?

Neave Pools is a certified pool operator, and our pool service technicians have been certified by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and the National Swimming Pool Foundation. Hiring certified professionals give you peace of mind to simply enjoy your swimming pool instead of fretting about the details of doing the maintenance and repairs yourself.

If you’re in Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. Westchester, call (914) 271-7996. Cold Spring, call (845) 463-0592, and in Connecticut, call (203) 212-4800. Or fill out our pool service contact form, and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary swimming pool consultation!

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