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The pool house at Le Courtois
Pool house at Le Courtois in France. Beautiful!

Summer is finally here for real, and that means long, carefree days spent in the pool!

A dip in the pool really brings the kid out in you. But remember how angry your mother used to be when you tracked mud prints into the kitchen from the backyard or hopped out of the bathtub soaking wet and dripped all over the upstairs floors? (No? Just us?)

For this reason and many others, you might want to consider building a structure near your pool that offers shelter from the sun — and any other amenities you can dream up — but that’s designed for you to enter immediately-post-pool.

Pool Houses Come In Many Forms

Pool houses can be any type of structure, really. If you’re simply looking to save space in your garage, you could construct a glorified shed adjacent to the pool where you can store your skimmers, pool-maintenance tools, replacement parts, filters, and chemicals.

But if you’re looking for more of a resort experience, you could create a full-fledged pool house with running water, a shower and toilet, maybe even a bedroom to make it double as a guest house!

If a pool is the focal point of your summer socialization, incorporate outdoor kitchen supplies into your pool house. Add a refrigerator, a grill and a little prep space — maybe a second mini fridge for libations to enjoy while grilling — and you’ve created a space for you to relax and cook while supervising the kids as they enjoy splashing in the pool.

Pergolas Are Another Option!

Pergola at a Neave Pools project
This pergola is featured on a Neave Pools project in New York.

If you have limited space in your backyard or pool area — or your budget, for that matter — a complete pool house may be out of the question for now.

Your primary need may be for shade somewhere near your pool, and for that, you need look no further than a pergola!

A pergola can be the perfect shade structure that offers plenty of design flexibility, but all pergolas have one thing in common: They offer overhead shade and weather protection. (Extra bonus: They’re another great surface to engage your green thumb, offering the perfect location for some flowering vines or other climbing plants.)

There are plenty of other shade structures out there in addition to a pergola if a pool house isn’t exactly your style. The best way to find out which is best for you: Start exploring and find your inspiration!

Download Our Swimming Pool Design Guide

Want to learn more about designing a pool with all the add-ons you need for the perfect backyard paradise? Download Neave Pools’ FREE Swimming Pool Design Guide! It’s 25 pages of inspiration and tips to keep you sane throughout the entire design and construction process.

Neave Pools’ expert designers are also aces at helping our pool customers design the best pool houses and shade structures for their needs, particularly with their budgets in mind. Give us a call at (845) 463-0592, or simply fill out the web form on the right-hand side of the page, and we’ll be in touch with you!

image credit (top): Bonita la Banane

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