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beautiful neave pools projectA swimming pool without automation and smart controls is like a computer without protection software: it’s still usable, but with a lot more effort on your part to keep it running safely.

Pool automation lets you remotely engage or preprogram features that enhance your usability, such as adjusting temperatures and opening or retracting covers automatically. They also make it easy to keep up with tedious but necessary everyday tasks like chemical balancing and effective filtering.

Let’s take a deeper dive to learn more about automation.

How much time do you spend each day measuring pool chemical levels, setting up and starting your pool cleaning systems and opening and closing it after your family moves onto its next activity? Without automation, your answer is likely to be measured in hours instead of mere minutes. What if you could preprogram many of those aspects — or perform them with a tap of a button on your smartphone or another device? Game changer!

Your pool needs automation so you can better control one more aspect of your life. Investing in it puts time back into your busy day and ensures your pool is better cared for, saving you money both now and down the road. And you’ll be able to enjoy greater peace of mind if you must go out of town or are otherwise unable to perform routine tasks like chemical balancing and pool sweeping.

Smart Pool Features

Customize your smart pool just as you would customize your smartphone — add exactly those features that you individually need to up your pool management game. Neave Pools can work with you to create the best pool with waterfallpackage of automation offerings. Some of the options you can choose from are listed below.

  • Automatically monitoring chemical levels in your pool to ensure perfect balance and avoid costly issues like algae and scaling.
  • Setting and forgetting a pool vacuuming and filtering schedule to always have access to the clearest, cleanest water and a pool that’s continually ready for use.
  • Preprogramming pool and spa lighting and heating systems to be ready for your next pool party or to automatically turn on and off at preset times during the day — or different times on different days.
  • Controlling water features like waterfalls, bubblers, and laminars and fire features like gas lit torches.

Learn more about benefits of a pool automation system.

Neave Pools Offers Worry-Free Systems to Suit Your Needs

hot tub with water featureLet Neave Pools add the automation you want and your swimming pool needs, so you can gain precious time while preventing headaches and saving money in the maintenance and everyday use of your pool and spa. Choose your preferred features and the smart-enabled device you want to control them with, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Neave Pools serves satisfied customers in the Hudson Valley (845-463-0592), Westchester (914-271-7996) and greater Connecticut (203-212-4800) areas. Our award-winning team can work with you on all aspects of managing your pool and spa — from routine maintenance to automation and renovation.

Download our free 25-page pool design guide to learn more, call one of our local numbers or contact us online to get started optimizing your pool and spa experience today.

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