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There’s a lot to think about before you take the plunge into a luxury pool and spa project for your Connecticut or New York property. After all, building a pool is an investment that will not only add value to your home, but also give you a personal retreat that makes staying in feel like a vacation.

Your new luxury pool should suit your family, your lifestyle, and your idea of what free time looks like in your outdoor space.

Do you imagine relaxing in a hot tub after dinner—or diving into a pool to swim laps before work? Are you someone who loves to lounge by the pool and unwind while enjoying the reflection of the water? Or, do you expect your pool to be the ultimate family entertainment zone where kids can splash around? Your answer might be, “All of these things!” (That’s okay, too.) The point is, your swimming pool design should reflect your preferences and lifestyle.

If you’ve never embarked on a pool and spa design project before, the process might seem overwhelming. But really, it all starts with choosing a luxury pool design.

Installed Pool

At Neave Pools, our designers take a holistic approach to pool and spa design, taking into consideration your backyard and how it can integrate seamlessly with the surrounding landscape. A holistic approach extends beyond the design process and includes understanding what it takes to execute the pool design—because building swimming pools requires specialty construction skills, and it’s not the type of job that any concrete company or general contractor can handle.

Why does this matter?

Because when you are figuring out what type of luxury pool you want for your backyard, it helps to have a pro on board who can look at the area with an eye for design, construction and the surrounding landscape. With this experience, we can guide homeowners toward a swimming pool design that checks all the boxes on their wish list, increases their property value and is built to last.

Now, here are three luxury pool design tips to get you started.

#1 Survey the Surroundings—Where to Place a Luxury Pool

Take a look around. Does your property include slopes or is it mostly flat? Are there views beyond your back door that you hope to enjoy from a pool, or do you want privacy? What outdoor living features already exist on your property? Consider any patio spaces or decking, and landscaping. The point is: You want the pool to fit into your outdoor environment and look as if it was always there, blending seamlessly.

Not to mention, topography plays a significant role in pool design. For example, a pool grotto is easier to implement if your property already has some grade to it—a slope that provides a natural foundation for this feature. And, an infinity edge pool fits a property with views of water or a cliffside, so the pool water appears to be disappearing into the vista.

There are so many possibilities for designing a swimming pool, but an experienced pool designer can narrow down the options after a thoughtful, detailed survey of your property.

Design a Swimming Pool

#2 How Will You Use Your Luxury Pool?

How do you plan to spend your time in (or around) the pool—and who will join you? Will this be a family entertainment space or a quiet getaway? How much of your entertaining and free time will be focused on the water? These are important questions to ask because in some landscape designs, the pool dominates the outdoor space—and rightly so. But your design could also be a modest, boutique-style pool that provides a place to take a dip. You get the aesthetics of a swimming pool on a smaller scale.

So, as you pin luxury pool pictures to your Pinterest board and search for Houzz pool designs, focus in on the pool’s function and how you’ll honestly use it.

Luxury Pool Design

#3 Consider Your Home’s Architecture—and Your Personal Style

Now, let’s get personal. Do you lean toward sleek, modern shapes—a less-is-more look? Or, do you go for classic styles and prefer more detail and movement? Do you embrace the natural environment and its materials like stone and wood?

Luxury pool designs cover the gamut. You can have clean edges or a kidney-shaped pool—custom glass tile or rustic cultured stone. Narrow down your style preferences, and don’t forget to take into consideration your home’s architecture. You want the pool to look as if It has always been on your property, so style cues from the house or other outdoor structures should be carried out into the pool area.

Outdoor Swimming Pool Design

Ready to Get the Luxury Pool You’ve Always Wanted?

Stop dreaming and begin narrowing down the options with these three tips:

  • Survey your surroundings so you can select a luxury pool design that suits your outdoor space.
  • Consider how you’ll use the pool so you can include features that are important to you.
  • Identify what pool styles you love, and what designs match your home.

Have a luxury pool you have in mind? Let’s make it a reality. Contact Neave Group Outdoor Solutions and we will guide you through the pool design and build process. Dive in and get more details by downloading our Swimming Pool Design Guide today.

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