Swimming pool design guide will give you ideas for that dream pool you want, from concrete pools, above ground pools and even fiberglass pools.

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beautiful luxury pool with pergola and outdoor kitchenImagine a resort-style luxury pool and spa that brings vacation home. You’re not dreaming. The reality is, today’s hottest pool design trends are accessible, and you don’t have to travel to have it all.

Luxury pool design includes sophisticated—yet user-friendly—technology that allows you to control lighting, water temperature and more with a smartphone. An expanding menu of tile colors and materials gives you the creative freedom to truly customize the look and create high-end visual impact.

Completing the pool and spa area with landscaping that connects the space to the rest of the home, and property is the difference between a simple outdoor pool and a complete pool experience. With all this, you can customize a pool that suits your lifestyle and looks like it was naturally built into your property.

Now—can you imagine your backyard without it?

It’s time to gain some inspiration and consider the possibilities for your luxury swimming pool. We’ve been designing and building the latest pool and spa trends for decades, and the good news is, there’s really nothing “trendy” about these luxury pool concepts. If you build a pool with an infinity edge, its sleek appeal will carry on. If you opt for a sun shelf so you can catch rays and stay cool—or even do yoga in the water—this feature will be every bit as relevant down the road. Quality, professional pool design stands the test of time, while advancing technologies and materials give us more tools to customize a brand-new pool or renovate an existing one to incorporate unique pool features.

Here are some of the pool designs we’ll be designing and building this year, and beyond.

Infinity Edge

Gold Award for a Negative Edge/Infinity Pool

Also known as a wet-edge, the appeal of this aesthetic is in the way water appears to flow into the landscape. Infinity edges make a big visual impact when a pool overlooks water, mountains or woods. Though, we’d say that an infinity edge adds modern appeal no matter the surroundings. The infinity concept can also include an edge that borders a spa.


Perimeter Overflow

Imagine a flat sheet of crystal blue water in your backyard—with no apparent edge of the pool in sight. That’s a perimeter overflow, a design where pool water falls into a hidden slot or catch basin and is recycled back into the pool. Basically, you get an infinity effect on all sides of the pool.


Sun Shelves and Tanning Shelves

New York pool built by Neave Group

Give the kids a shallow spot to splash around, and the adults a place to dip their toes in the water. Sun shelves are versatile, shallow sections of a pool where you can even place furniture. Sun shelves extend the usability of your pool by creating a space where you can enjoy the water without being fully submerged.


Pool Grottos

Incorporating natural stone into a pool design does a few things. First, a grotto can connect the pool to the surrounding landscape if your property includes a stone patio space, wall or rock outcroppings in the landscape. Second, introducing a cave or rock formation gives the pool area an exclusive, resort feel—the type of interesting experience you’d have at a mountain getaway or island retreat. Finally, with rock of any kind, you bring interesting and dimension to the pool design. Check out how the luxury pool pictured provides a grotto with waterfall, stone steps leading to the spa with natural stone coping.


Pool Colorcustom inground pool with lighting and grotto

The trend with pool color is to go darker, creating a deep relaxing effect. This is accomplished by coating the pool interior with cobalt and other rich blue hues. While some are “shading” their whole pool with this color, it’s also an accent that can be used to define spaces in a pool—such as by a swim-up bar or leading up to a tanning ledge.


Pool Automation

Pool automation technology has gotten smarter, quieter, more efficient and easier than ever. Like anything with technology, it is evolving quickly and becoming more intuitive. Want to heat up your spa before you get home from work? There’s a smartphone app for that, connected to your pool system. Hosting a party and want to set the mood with lighting? LED and floating lights are a couple of options. Today’s pool tech also allows you to automate functions like filtration, integrate your pool and spa into a home automation system, and operate special features (like the lighting we talked about). You can automatically analyze pool water for proper chemical balance—and there are automated injectors that disperse the right amounts of what your water needs.


Bringing Together the Landscape and Pool

Think of the big picture when you consider a pool design. How will you use the space around the pool? Will you lounge, entertain, cook—all of these things? What level of privacy do you desire? These are important factors that play into how the overall pool environment is designed and executed. We always take into consideration the architecture of your home, the natural surroundings, sight lines and views. Then, we select materials for your pool and spa that blend with those aesthetics to create a connected, flowing pool space that feels like it was always there.


Stop Dreaming and Start Planning Your Pool

We’ve got ideas for you. Contact us to learn more about the pool design/build process so you can make your backyard dream a reality.

Swimming pool design guide will give you ideas for that dream pool you want, from concrete pools, above ground pools and even fiberglass pools.

FREE Pool Design Guide

Download our FREE 25-page Swimming Pool Design Guide and create a perfect paradise in your backyard.

Download Now