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Pool With Cascading WaterfallA pool is a focal point of any home’s outdoor living space, providing a place to play, lounge and entertain. But a pool is only as appealing as the environment that surrounds it. How enticing is a pool that looks like it was dropped into the backyard with no patio, seating or landscaping around it? 

A pool doesn’t stand alone. This is why we consider the entire landscape design when creating a pool.

Think of the pool as a centerpiece—sure, it is a showstopper, but it should seamlessly fit into the environment. This requires taking into account the topography on a property, and the natural landscape. Is the area wide open, is it wooded or near another body of water? We also look at the landscape that’s already there. Will the pool be designed to accommodate existing landscaping, or is the plan to completely renovate the outdoor space?

Among other considerations, you want your new pool to suit the type of home you own and complement the architecture. That way, your pool and spa will truly look like it belongs on the property—the outdoor living space will appear as an extension of your home, which is the ultimate goal. 

Basically, as pool and landscape designers, we must respect the site and the house.

Here are some features you might consider based on whether your home is traditional, modern or woodsy.

Add In a Traditional Stylish Look

Traditional Pool StyleIf your home is traditional, you have a lot of flexibility when choosing a pool style. You can opt for a free-flowing shape that breaks up the straight lines found in traditional homes, such as colonials. However, rectangle pools are also popular and can be offset by a pool deck that has curved lines and is juxtaposed to the home’s linear architecture. Another strategy is to maintain a rectangle pool and simple patio but incorporate plants with lots of texture that are less formal and more layered. For example, you’d avoid manicured boxwoods and go for perennial grasses.

Modernize With Minimalism

Pool Infinity EdgeMinimalist is the word for modern homes. Pools with clean lines—perhaps an infinity edge—complement contemporary architecture. A pool might include stark, black tile along the waterline for a dramatic contrast with the water. A running-bond patio that mimics subway tile using smooth stone material keeps the look clean, smooth and simple.

Bring in a Trendy Woodsy Style

A log-cabin style home, or a house set in the woods, deserves a pool with natural appeal. We like to incorporate natural stone boulders as coping to blend the pool’s edge into the environment. Grottos and water features like waterfalls or fountains bring the sounds of nature even closer to home and suit this style of pool. Overall, the goal is to incorporate materials into the pool and patio design that feel as if they belong on the property.

Swimming Pool Design Guide

Plan for Pool Time Now

Download our free pool guide to learn more about the latest trends and luxury features for pools. Now is the ideal time to plan so you can get the landscape and pool of your dreams this summer. Contact us at 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 in Westchester and 203-212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out this form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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