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In honor of the latest addition to the suite of services, Neave Group Outdoor Solutions offers, our newly unveiled swimming pool division, this month’s project feature will focus on one of the pool projects we’re especially proud of.

We first started working with the Boykens on this project in 2010, though they’ve been Neave Group clients for quite a while now; we’ve worked on small construction projects through the years and help maintain their property throughout the year.

Their children are all older and moved out quite a while ago, but Mr. and Mrs. Boyken have dreamed of installing a pool for a long time because it would give them a place to entertain beyond their small backyard deck, but once grandchildren started appearing, it made sense to start considering it more seriously.

When we met to start designing the pool and surrounding area, they’d already cut out some photos from magazines to give us an idea of what they wanted – we love that, by the way (or, better yet, use – including a fireplace, pergola and a pool house. After that, it was up to us to bring the dream to life.

The pool itself is a simple rectangular shape, which is perfect because there are so many other things going on in this backyard paradise. For a little extra pop, they added LED laminar jets that shoot streams of water across the pool for the lovely sound of running water while they’re entertaining.

After enjoying the cool shade of the white fiberglass pergola or the warm glow of the fire from the built-in fireplace, the pool house includes a kitchenette, bathroom, outside shower and a guest room, perfect for those nights when houseguests have enjoyed themselves so much that they just can’t bear to leave!

New York Swimming Pool
The rectilinear swimming pool with fiberglass pergola and sitting area

outdoor fireplace
The outdoor fireplace is adjacent to the swimming pool

You may notice that there aren’t a lot of plants around the Boykens’ pool. They wanted a clean, streamlined look, so we focused on the surrounding hardscape instead.

The stonework here is intense! The cultured stone wall measures six feet tall at its highest point – that’s where the fireplace is built in – and is capped with two-inch-thick thermal bluestone.

We used Unilock’s Roman Pisa for the retaining wall and steps up to the pool area because it matches a wall elsewhere on the property. For the pavers in the pool patio, we matched the front and rear walkways with Unilock’s Brussels Block pavers. And to add some color, we incorporated red Unilock Copthorne paver accents.

We had a lot of fun with this project – we worked with a pretty big crew for much of the project, and our only real challenge was accessing the backyard and finding a place to stage our materials. (That and a huge pile of stumps that the original builder had buried, excavation was only a minor setback!)

But the effort is always worth it: Not only did this project represent the Boykens’ dream of a pool coming true and add a feature that completely transformed their property but it also happened to boost their property’s value by about 15 percent.

The coolest grandparents on the block, with a little homeowners’ peace of mind to boot – the Boykens have the best of both worlds!

fiberglass pergola
Fiberglass pergola and sitting area
New York swimming pool
A view across the swimming pool from below the pergola

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