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ideas for lighting pools with waterfalls

Pool lighting can completely change the way your outdoor environment looks and feels—all with a few taps on your smartphone. Today’s high-tech pool illumination systems are sophisticated yet simple to use, offering features that enhance safety and complement pool features. Plus, the latest pool and spa lighting is fun to use! (Yes, you can even change the pool lighting on game day to cheer on your favorite team.)

Colored LED lighting can diffuse a wash of color over the pool surface—and both LED and fiber optics can put on a show. Not to mention, poolside lighting extends the time you can use your outdoor living space and ensures that swimmers stay safe after dusk.

What’s new in pool lighting? A lot! You can transform an existing pool by upgrading lighting from incandescent to high-tech LED pool lighting. If you’re planning a pool from scratch, you’ll want to consider how lighting will enhance the appearance and experience. Pool lighting is an integral part of overall pool and spa design.

Ready to bring your luxury pool and spa to life? Check out these 3 pool and spa lighting advances. (We’re not calling them trends because this technology is here to stay!)


#1 Trade In Incandescent for LED Pool Lighting

Energy-efficient and available in a range of colors, LED pool lighting is just a smart way to illuminate your pool and spa because you’ll save energy cost over time—and you get choices. We’re talking about the range of pool lighting colors you can select on a whim by simply changing the hue with a smartphone app.

LED pool and spa lighting allows you to customize your pool and change the mood in an instant. Or, turn the pool on from your parking lot at work so you’re welcomed home by a relaxing setting. LED pool lighting also gives you the capability to run light shows.

As for the installation, LED pool lighting systems are contained in the pool coping or in pipes. This way, the vibrant color diffuses over the water’s surface evenly.

multi-color lighting ideas for luxury pools

#2 Turn On a Light Show

Fiber optic pool lighting allows you to play pre-programmed light shows that can turn the water’s surface into a dynamic visual centerpiece. Cue up a fireworks-like display or go for subtle washes of color.

While LED pool lighting is set inside the pool shell to prevent it from getting wet, fiber optic pool lighting is housed in a dry box near the pool or spa. A cable connected to the box leads to a fitting on the pool wall. Fiber optics do light a pool differently and tend to not be quite as bright as LED pool lighting. Both are great options.


#3 Light the Pool Landscape

ideas for lighting pools featuring landscaping

When we plan lighting for a luxury pool or spa, we think outside of the water—and include the surrounding entertainment spaces and landscape. There’s a couple reasons for this. For one, we want to create a safe pool area for the people enjoying the water or the surrounding area. A slip, trip or fall near a pool could be devastating, and whenever water is involved there are bound to be puddles, which could be a hazard if they are not visible. Lighting is a must.

Lighting the pool area also extends the time you can use the pool, spa and patio. Plus, lighting enhances landscape features and brings the outdoors to life after dark. We recommend uplighting trees and downlighting gathering spaces that require more light for dining or cooking. Pathway lighting can be subtle yet still improve safety. Not to mention, this landscape lighting can accent plants.

When you invest in your pool and spa, you want to make the most of the area for entertaining, relaxing with family and friends, or even while you’re indoors gazing out at the space. Lighting makes all this possible.

luxury pool with lighting

The Best Luxury Pool and Spa Lighting

What’s the best lighting for your luxury pool and spa? High-tech LED and fiber optic pool lighting systems outpace the older incandescent pool lighting in energy efficiency, ease of control, appearance and longevity. And, you’ll get the best pool and spa lighting when you layer the lighting by illuminating the landscape and architectural features of your home.

Pool and spa lighting is like any technology—it’s evolving and giving us greater convenience, more features and better performance. Whether you are renovating an existing pool and spa, or ready to build the luxury pool of your dreams, make lighting a priority. Want to see how lighting can transform a pool space? We’d love to show you some examples. Call us any time at (914) 271-7996 or fill out this simple form and we’ll get in touch with you.  

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