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Regular pool cleaning is absolutely critical in protecting your investment.

Keeping your swimming pool clean not only enhances your experience when you’re in the pool — nobody wants a mouthful of gunk while swimming laps or debris on the floor when diving for treasure — but it’s also crucial in protecting your investment and helping your swimming pool last as long as possible.

If left for too long, rotting leaves, debris and even small rodents (yikes!) can create a never-ending cycle of disgusting pool cleaning you never quite get on top of. So get on top of it! 

Here are some pointers from Lee Kind, one of Neave Pools‘ specialists, on keeping your swimming pool clean.

Pool cleaning by hand

Your first line of defense is a skimmer, a net attached to a telescoping pole you can use to remove floating surface debris, leaves, and bugs from the pool.

A brush is also a good pool cleaning tool to have: Algae grows in layers and usually isn’t visible until there are enough layers to create a colored patch, so brushing your swimming pool’s walls and floor regularly will help dislodge the algae from the walls and into the pool water.

Once it’s in the water, the chlorine and other chemicals can begin a full-frontal attack!

Pool cleaning with technology!

There are manual vacuum systems available, with a telescoping pole, large hose and weighted vacuum head that anchors it to the floor. The vacuum sucks up leaves and debris and pulls them to the skimmer and into the pool’s filtration system. (Neave Pools’ maintenance professionals use this method for our weekly service calls with clients.)

There are computers and machines for just about anything these days, and pool cleaning is no different. Automatic pool cleaners are robotic devices that run off your pool’s suction or pressure lines to propel themselves around the pool and pick up leaves and debris.

There are also standalone systems available with their own motors that plug into standard electrical outlets.

If this is sounding like a lot of “gear” just to keep your pool clean, it is! Acquiring the equipment necessary to keep your pool in top condition can be another costly investment. You might want to consider a pool cleaning service.

If you trust your regular pool cleaning and maintenance to the professionals — like us at Neave Pools — you won’t have to worry about any of the equipment. 

If you’re in Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. Westchester, call (914) 271-7996. Cold Spring, call (845) 463-0592, and in Connecticut, call (203) 212-4800. Or fill out the handy web form on this page, and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary swimming pool consultation.

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I have been working with Neave for over 5 years. They have done various jobs for me. From landscaping, irrigation and custom work like pillars in the driveway etc. This spring Neave transformed my backyard building an infinity edge pool with a lower level sitting area plus outdoor kitchen etc. Kris Schmitt and Lee Kind were the 2 from Neave who managed and designed the space. We have enjoyed the pool and all for the entire summer. Many thanks to Neave, Kris and Lee for turning our backyard into …
Bill S.Hopewell Junction

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