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Are you considering a pool for your Westchester, NY property? Maybe you want to know what common pool problems owners face before you move forward with the plan. Or, perhaps you own a pool and wonder if hiring a pool maintenance professional is worth it. Either way, you have questions about the pool maintenance issues you might confront, and we have answers.

Here are five common pool problems we identify during pool maintenance calls—and why regular maintenance can save you from dealing with these issues.

Algae is Growing In Your Pool

When pool water has a greenish cast to it, then algae is usually the culprit. Algae grows when chlorine levels are too low, so addressing the problem is not complicated—but clearing out the algae requires professional pool cleaning. Ongoing monitoring of pH levels and chemicals will help prevent algae growth.

Your Pool Filter is Clogged

Your pool filter can become a catch-all for leaves, bugs and other debris that drop into the water. When the pool filter is clogged, water does not properly circulate. Usually, pool owners will notice more floating leaves or debris than usual on the pool surface, and this is often a sign of a clogged filter that needs pool equipment maintenance.

Your Pool Is Losing Water

You’re not sure if your pool is leaking or if there is a problem with the plumbing. Or, is losing some water in your pool over time a normal thing? It’s typical to lose ¼ to 1 inch of pool water per week. But if your pool water level is dropping at a faster rate, there’s a problem. The most common reasons for losing water in your pool include: a broken pipe; a hairline crack in the concrete; and filter backwashing, which occurs when your pool’s wastewater is diverted into the sewer. All of these issues are most likely to occur in a pool that was poorly constructed. During a pool maintenance visit, our professionals identify the cause of water loss and develop a plan to address the problem. Because we design, build and maintain pools, our in-house team collaborates to solve these types of problems.

Maintenance Workers Cleaning Swimming Pool

Your Water is Too Cold!

Pool heating units need to be regularly cleaned and tested. If you suspect that your pool heater is not functioning properly, a pool service professional can identify whether there is a mechanical issue or if the pool heater simply needs basic maintenance. Common pool problems that cause pool heaters to malfunction include: low water flow, clogged filters, dirty pump gasket, a defective pressure/sensor switch, imbalanced water chemistry, a faulty temperature sensor or an improper thermostat setting. All of these issues are addressed during regular pool maintenance visits.

Your Water Feels Too Harsh

Do your eyes burn after swimming—are they red and irritated? Is your skin itchy? These are signs that your pool water contains too much chlorine, and we often see this after a pool owner dealt with an algae problem. We know, you want to keep the green stuff out of your pool—but proper chemical balance is critical. Regular swimming pool services visits include pH testing of water and ensuring the right balance so you can swim safely. Also, a pool service professional can talk to you about chlorine alternatives. 

What To Expect from a Service Visit

Home With Swimming Area and Wooden FenceA typical pool service call will include cleaning the pool, along with checking the pool filter pressure and cleaning and changing them when necessary. Our technicians will test the pool water pH and ensure a proper balance. We keep a lookout for possible leaks and review mechanicals to see if preventive maintenance is necessary. Also, we offer chlorine alternatives.

Hiring a Pool Service Professional

Before you hire a pool service professional, be sure the company is licensed and certified. The technicians at Neave Pools are trained and certified by the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals and the National Swimming Pool Foundation—and we are trained by leading manufacturers so we can stay updated on the latest diagnostic tools and equipment.

Learn more about pool service from Neave Pools. Call us at 914-271-7996 in Westchester, 845-463-0592 in Hudson Valley and 203-212-4800 in Connecticut. Or, fill out our contact form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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