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We interrupt your daydreaming about a new swimming pool with this late-breaking announcement: These new swimming pool design trends will knock your socks off — which is a good thing since you’ll want to be ready to dive right in.

We’re talking exotic new materials, mesmerizing water features, energy-conscious designs. And did somebody say “yoga deck?”

Intrigued? We thought so.

Take a look at these Neave-approved swimming pool design trends you can look forward to.

The Beauty Of Exotic Wood

poolside patios using exotic hardwoods will be a swimming pool design trend for 2016You’ll see more wood elements in poolside patio design in the coming year. And we’re not talking about redwood — yawn — or cedar. Look for exotic hardwoods like Brazilian teak or ipe from Central and South America.

How to use these beautiful woods in your pool area?

Hello, yoga deck! Trendsetters are adding 5 by 10-foot yoga decks, integrated into their stone patios. When you think about it, the relaxation of yoga is perfect for outside. Breathe deeply. Fresh air!

These exotic hardwoods are incredibly durable and have stunning grain and rich colors.

Bio Pool

The ultimate in green pool sanitization, the bio pool is the only truly chlorine-free pool. How it works is pretty fascinating.

You build a smaller pool next to your swimming pool, like a shallow pond. And it looks just like a pond, brimming with aquatic plants and dotted with rocks.

Water is piped from the swimming pool to the pond, which overflows and spills back into the pool. Meanwhile, rocks and plant life in the pond treat the water — it gets oxygen as it runs over rocks.

You don’t add anything. See you later, chlorine.

There are lots of design options, from traditional rectangular pools to completely naturalistic swim ponds.

There are only a few of these systems in the United States, but they’re more widely accepted in Europe and Australia. They’re still very new here and very expensive to build. But they cost nothing to operate.

Experts predict bio pools will be mainstream in the U.S. in the next five to 10 years.

Water In Transit

Perimeter overflow pools are one of the most popular swimming pool design trends for 2016Meet the latest in water features — water in transit.

Perimeter overflow pools are one of the most popular designs in which the water overflows its edges and flows into a hidden slot or catch basin where it’s then recycled back into the pool.

It’s similar to an infinity-edge pool, but with perimeter overflow, the water overflows on all four sides. 

Besides the obvious stunning visual impact of water moving across a plane, water in transit features like this also offer acoustic delight. 

As soon as you hear moving water, it relaxes you. It’s why resorts and high-end hotels always have water features. You can’t beat them for bliss.

Bonus: You’ll have the cleanest pool surface in the neighborhood.  No bugs, no leaves. It all spills off the side of the pool.

Geothermal And Solar Heating

If you’re on the environmental cutting edge and already heat your home with a geothermal heating and cooling system — or your new home plans to include one — it’s easy to hook into your home’s system and heat your pool this way, too.

Geothermal pool heat pumps work together with the stable earth temperatures to provide heating for your pool throughout the swimming season. It’s the most environmentally conscious way to heat your pool.

Not that advanced?

There are hybrid versions that involve running pipes underneath your patio to take advantage of solar heating. The sun-baked patio heats the pool, and the water running under the patio cools its surface a bit.

Note this doesn’t provide enough heat to fire up a hot tub, but it definitely takes the chill off your pool water.

Intriguing New Materials

From travertine poolside patios to recycled glass tiled pools, incorporating new materials are a swimming pool design trend for 2016There used to be few choices for swimming pool tiles. Let’s see, you could have 6-inch tiles in white, blue or green. How to choose?! And for your patio stone, how about, well, bluestone?

Now, the choices will make your head spin.

For 2016, travertine and marble take center stage for poolside patios. They’re elegant, and cooler under your feet than bluestone.

The natural play of light off recycled glass tile has everybody mesmerized.

The reflective quality of glass tile against the water is stunning. It creates a sleek and sophisticated look that can be used throughout the whole pool or as a luxurious accent.

Plaster finish tinted with colored dye has been the king of pool interiors for decades.

Scoot over, plaster. Aggregate pool finishes are the latest pool surfaces. White or colored plaster is mixed with small pieces of quartz, granite, river stones, or glass beads.

These trendy finishes provide a luxurious pool surface that’s harder and more resistant to chemicals and staining than plaster alone.

They also offer an array of stunning colors and textures and can be custom blended to create a unique look.

Connecting Outdoor Living Spaces

outdoor kitchens in close proximity to the pool creates an ultimate outdoor living spaceA swimming pool is nice, but while it used to be the centerpiece of outdoor living, now it’s just a good start.

Think complete outdoor living space, featuring food, fire, and water. Outdoor kitchens are hotter than ever, and we’re talking way more than a grill and a cooktop.

Amenities abound space heating, refrigerators, music systems, wine coolers, beverage stations, ice machines, plush furniture, beer taps, meat smokers. And don’t forget the new king of the patio — the pizza oven, either wood burning or gas powered.

You’ll forget why you ever spent time inside.

Fire features are exploding from outdoor fireplaces to high-end torches to fire pits so classy and beautiful — some are filled with glimmering glass stones — it’s a shame to call them “pits.”

And when you’re done eating your pizza, roasting s’mores on your fire pit, listening to your new jazz music and sipping wine from your built-in wine cooler by the light of your high-end tiki, professional-grade torch — oh, yeah.

You can take a dip in the pool.

Neave Sets The Latest Swimming Pool Design Trends

The designers at Neave Pools are on top of all the swimming pool trends and they can’t wait to show you.

Your dream pool begins with an in-home visit from a professional designer to discuss the vision you have for your pool.

This person will be your single contact point throughout the process and will handle all contractors, construction teams and coordinate the entire effort.

Yoga deck? Recycled glass tiles? Perimeter edge? You bet.

We’d love to hear from you.

If you’re in Hudson Valley, call (845) 463-0592. Westchester, call (914) 271-7996. Cold Spring, call (845) 463-0592, and in Connecticut, call (203) 212-4800. Or fill out the handy web form on this page, and we’ll get in touch with you to schedule a complimentary swimming pool consultation.

Daydreaming about a new swimming pool is fun. We can’t wait to help you make it a reality.

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