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At Neave Group we believe it’s important to give back to our local communities. This ideal permeates throughout our entire company. Recently, Wade McReynolds, our Maintenance Division Manager, requested that we give our support to Poughkeepsie’s Italian Center by assisting them in resurfacing their aging bocce courts.

Wade volunteered his Saturday afternoon to coordinate the project while Neave Group donated the necessary materials.

Nice work, Wade!

Playing has already begun on the newly renovated courts, and the Italian Center is hopeful they will be hosting future bocce league tournament play. Remember to invite us!

Poughkeepsie Italian Center Bocce Court

Poughkeepsie Italian Center Bocce Court

Poughkeepsie Italian Center Bocce Court

Poughkeepsie Italian Center Bocce Court

Poughkeepsie Italian Center Bocce Court

From the Italian Center’s newsletter:

After our April membership meeting, the new president of the Men’s Bocce League, Vincent Guerriero, was talking about a potential donation of clay and other materials needed to refurbish our existing bocce courts. Throughout the years the courts have been playable but not quite up to the quality many players would like them to be.

A few days later he was contacted by Wade McReynolds of Neave Group Outdoor Solutions informing him that they had decided to donate the necessary clay, sand, and other materials needed to construct tournament bocce courts. Vinnie said, “It’s just wonderful that this local landscaping firm stepped up and made such a donation. Neave Group certainly needs to be thanked, and we should show our gratitude by patronizing their business.”

During the week Neave Group delivered the materials and on Saturday, April 14th, Neave Group, along with 8 volunteers, began the project. By the end of day two they had the clay surface applied. The process consisted of removing and grading the original material, putting down special gravel with a cement mixture, and then wetting it down prior to rolling the base coat. Then the clay surface was applied, rolled, watered and rolled again.

The following Thursday evening additional volunteers finished the work of installing the clay surface on the courts. These new clay courts need continuous maintenance for they have to be swept, watered and rolled with regularity during the season.

This project is really quite unique in that a non-member’s landscaping company donated the necessary materials to resurface our courts and the work was completed by volunteers all within a relatively short period of time. We can now boast about our Professional Bocce Courts. When Vincent was asked if our new clay courts would attract future tournament play, he said, “With the quality of our new clay courts, there is no doubt that we will attract future bocce tournament play”.

Thanks to the volunteer work of Wade McReynolds of Neave Group, Walter Corrado, Paul Berolozzi, Rudy Guerriero, Angelo Belmonte and Mike Gallucci. Play on our new courts will begin Monday, April 23. Great job, Vinnie, as you start your term as president of the league off with a bang!

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Your team is completing a job for me across from Bear Mountain and I just wanted to reach out and personally tell you how professional and amazing it’s been to work with you guys.  Mark Ciccarelli has been FANTASTIC!  I can’t give high enough praises for him. Any and every issue was easily addressed.  He has the “can do” attitude that I really appreciate.  It has been the best experience because of him.  Even as this project is coming to a close and I would expect most guys like him to be “check…
Todd B.Garrison, NY

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