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ArborIf you’re looking for a comfortable place to relax that also offers an intimate sense of privacy, then an arbor from Neave Carpentry is the perfect fit. Our custom built arbors are a perfect addition for your backyard or by the pool. Arbors can take any shape, allowing us to build one that perfectly blends with its surroundings while adding exquisite functionality.

The main difference between a pergola and an arbor is in the structure. Where pergolas use posts to create a framework for the overhanging roof, arbors will use trellises or lattices to form more of a tunnel. The lattices allow for an assortment of different designs and also provide a great place to grow climbing plants or hanging gardens. This makes arbors customizable from year-to-year!

Arbors are a great idea for walkways as they can be extended in a rectangular shape to offer shade from the sun and privacy. They can also be built to sit on decks or patios as a covered dining, entertaining or relaxing area. Imagine enjoying the perfect meal outside, sheltered from the sun while enjoying the cool breeze of the summer.

Neave Carpentry professionals aren’t just experts when it comes to design and construction. They’re also the perfect staff for maintenance when it comes to your arbor! We can repair or refurbish your arbor if it is damaged in any way, and treat the wood to protect it safely from infestation and the elements. With a team of arborists and florists on hand, courtesy of Neave Landscaping, you can decorate your arbor any way you like it. Moreover, we can have our plant life specialists treat the hanging plants as part of your routine lawn care program.

Arbors are an ideal addition for commercial properties as well. Resorts use arbors by the beach, or poolside, for a semi-private seating area. They are a great way to enclose a service bar for beverages at restaurants that serve outdoors. When it comes to covering your walkways in a private manner, nothing beats the gorgeous surroundings an arbor provides. If you’re a commercial property owner, contact Neave Carpentry to inquire about our arbors and how they can benefit your business!

Contact Neave Carpentry today to find out more about our arbors and get started on the building process today!

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