If you are serious about saving money and becoming more efficient then you should invest in a professional irrigation audit. Neave Irrigation can perform a thorough inspection of your entire irrigation system in order to measure its water efficiency and performance. This allows us to identify problem areas that are adversely draining your landscape and finances of precious resources.

Our highly trained and diligent staff will begin the irrigation audit at the point of connection and work their way out from there. We will perform a complete inventory of every system component while inspecting each part for leaks, breaks or any faults that may cause an inefficient system. While our irrigation experts inspect your system we will also look for any natural growths that may be impeding the system as well.

The next step is to run a catchment test which measures the precipitation zones of the irrigation system. The irrigation expert will place several receptacles around each outlet in your system and then run the system to see if the water is being distributed appropriately and efficiently. While the system is running, your Neave Irrigation associate will also examine water landing spots to ensure that your irrigation system isn’t precipitating on any impervious areas such as sidewalks or driveways.

During your irrigation audit, we’ll think of every little detail so that you can rest at ease. Upon the completion of the audit we will provide you with an efficiency rating for your system. The purpose of the audit is to become aware of how your system is performing. We will not repair or fix any part or section of your system until the audit is complete, and after you have been consulted. If you wish to improve your rating or make other alterations to your irrigation system, we can absolutely help you with that.

Water is expensive and it isn’t getting any cheaper. Whether you are purchasing water from the municipality or drawing it from your own reserves, it’s still costing you money. Our irrigation audits will not only increase your cost efficiency, they’ll give you peace of mind. Contact us today to schedule an irrigation audit with Neave so that you can be sure that your system is performing at the highest level possible!