Eliminate the need for mowing and trimming your existing lawn by installing a synthetic turf around your home. If you find yourself taking too much time caring for your lawn, consider artificial turf in place of natural grass. The artificial turfs we carry are so natural looking that your neighbors and guests will be shocked to find out that it’s low-maintenance turf.

new artificial lawn from Neave Landscaping

With artificial lawns and synthetic grass, installing a weed barrier and weekly mowing is a thing of the past. These lawns are laid out in the same direction, consistently green and beautiful throughout the year, offer great drainage and will save you hours of fuss and frustration. Best of all, they’re easy to replace if certain areas become damaged.

You have options when it comes to turf and natural grass. Some of our clients prefer to install artificial grass in high traffic areas or loose soil areas where the grass is trampled and dies. If you find that there are certain areas around your home where the grass is struggling due to busy feet or heavy usage, it’s time to consider synthetic grass to install in your existing soil.

We’ve used TourGreens artificial turf as our surface of choice for backyard golfing greens, and clients have been so happy with this product that they’ve installed it throughout their landscapes. Synthetic grass and artificial turf are available in a number of different textures, thicknesses, colors and densities to create a natural look without all the stubborn maintenance.

Let Neave Landscaping install artificial grass for your outdoor space in New York

switch from your existing grass and lay artificial grass

Do you have questions about installing artificial grass? Give our outdoor solutions team a call! We have years of experience installing artificial grass. Our experts have the turf solutions you’re looking for.

Not only that, our landscaping professionals are ready to introduce you to a fantastic line of products that will revolutionize the way you think about your lawn.

Contact us to find out more about our artificial lawns or synthetic turf, and prepare to be amazed.

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