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Bask in the glory of Mother Nature with your very own bird garden or butterfly garden. By choosing the right types of flowers, we can send invitations out to your natural neighbors to visit you throughout the growing season. Bird gardens and butterfly gardens don’t have to be a distinct element of your backyard, either – we can incorporate them into your existing landscaping to elevate your outdoor space into a wildlife garden.

butterfly gardenThe key to a successful bird garden or butterfly garden is planning. Neave Landscaping can help you achieve that wonderful balance between function and beauty by offering a gorgeous selection of plants that will attract specific species of birds and butterflies.

While butterfly gardens are mostly a summer fixture, bird gardens can be enjoyed year round. We can plant perennials and bushes that attract your favorite local birds by offering them the sustenance they need. Give Mother Nature’s wonderful creatures a reason to visit your backyard with the help of Neave Landscaping.

Bird gardens have a distinct advantage: they can help remove pests naturally. Infestations by little critters are a gardener’s worst nightmare, and many homeowners are understandably reluctant or cautious of using chemicals or unproven natural remedies to rid their gardens of pests. Turn your backyard into a partial bird garden to reduce and manage unwanted insects. The birds will take as much pride in caring for your backyard as you do!

If nesting or overpopulation is a concern, we can offer suggestions on how to regulate the number of visitors you have. Routine maintenance visits from the arborists and caregivers at Neave Landscaping will help maintain the visual appeal of your backyard while improving the life of your bird and butterfly gardens!

Neave Landscaping can also provide you with other wildlife garden accessories such as feeders, water supplies and bird baths. We have a great selection of pre-cast items available and can custom build specific accessories for your wildlife gardens. Our obsession with detail means that you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips when working with Neave Landscaping.

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The Neave Landscaping Group helped us transform our home into what we envisioned it could be and more. The biggest value we found in using Neave was the level of professionalism that was displayed throughout the entire project. We also found it to be a benefit to work with an organization with such scope, resources, and talent to be able to handle everything we wanted to accomplish. Neave kept in good communication, delivered on what they promised, and did a good job of setting the right expe…
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