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Timeless beauty can be yours by planting perennials throughout your landscape. These plants are able to cycle naturally through the seasons as long as they receive the right type of sunlight, soil nutrition and care. Perennials are classified as plants that have a lifespan of two years or more, so depending on which types you select, you can enjoy a beautifully landscaped flower garden each and every growing season.

While this may seem like a long-term commitment, keep in mind that perennials are often used in combination with annuals so you can spruce up your landscape every year. Our job at Neave Landscaping is to bring your dream landscape to life, and selecting the right combination of annuals and perennials will give you the luscious landscape you’ve been hoping for.

PerennialsPerennials bloom and thrive during the spring and summer. In the fall and winter months, they die and repeat the cycle the following year. They accomplish this feat using their rootstock, a system of roots that lies deep within the soil.

The type of perennials you select from Neave Landscaping will depend on the climate you live in, the sunlight and rainfall on your property, and the visual aesthetic you want to achieve. Residents of New York and Connecticut will see their perennials flourish during the growing season until the cold forces them into a rebirthing cycle. Our clients in warmer climates can enjoy perennials that grow continuously, depending on the species. No matter which type of climate you have, perennials are a great choice to create a captivating, beautiful landscape.

It’s important to remember that even though perennials have long life cycles, they still require consistent care and attention. Our Neave Landscaping experts can help you determine what type of perennials work best in your outdoor space. We can even coordinate with our friends at Neave Irrigation or Neave Carpentry to install the perfect sprinkler system or protective fence to ensure that your perennials are given the best possible care.

Routine maintenance is a service that we offer proudly through Neave Group – Landscape Management. You can schedule visits from our professionals to check your flowers, trim them and inspect for diseases or infestations. We’ll also turn over your soil to ensure that it provides the proper nutrition for your plants. Neave Group is a complete service – we help you design and create a landscape that boosts the value of your property while providing eye-popping color and visual appeal.

Contact Neave Landscaping today to inquire about our gorgeous perennials.

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