fall-cleanup1The key to consistency with your lawn maintenance is being prepared, which is the goal of our spring and fall yard clean up services. Our knowledgeable and properly trained staff is ready to bring your lawn out of the doldrums of winter and maximize the growth potential of your outdoor space for the warmer months with a spring clean up. We can also fully winterize your property at the back end of the year and can combine our own services with those of our other divisions in order to maximize efficiency for a complete winterization package, saving you both time and money.

Spring Clean Up

The spring clean up will occur in the early months of the spring season, where Neave Landscaping will perform an extensive yard clean up on your residential property. Our team of lawn maintenance professionals will efficiently remove all winter debris and unnecessary clutter that has accumulated over the winter months. They will then begin work at preparing your flowerbeds, shrubbery, trees and lawns for the coming months of warmer weather so they are primed and optimized to sustain life.  The spring clean up is a great time to also have your irrigation systems inspected, as well as all of your other water features.

Fall Clean Up

The fall clean up occurs at the end of the fall season, and fully winterizes your outdoor space. This includes preparing your lawn for the frost, ensuring that all irrigation systems are properly closed off to prevent damage from frozen water and clearing any debris. The fall yard clean up is an excellent opportunity for you to guarantee that your lawn is in immaculate condition before the temperatures drop and protect it from whatever winter has in store.

The spring and fall yard clean up services can be combined with any number of services provided by Neave Group. Many clients schedule a pool closing service with a fall yard clean up, and you can inversely plan your pool opening with a spring clean up as well. You can discuss all of these options with your Neave Landscaping contractor who will already be familiar with your property and have these services scheduled at a convenient time for you.

Have your lawn bloom brilliantly in the spring. Protect what is near and dear to you as winter rolls through town. Being proactive about lawn maintenance means saving yourself hassle and inconvenience down the road.

Contact us at Neave Landscaping to ask about our spring yard clean up service that will fully prepare you for the growing seasons, or inquire about our fall yard clean up service that winterizes your backyard and front lawn to prevent unwanted damage to the yard you hold so dear.

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