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Have you seen a famous garden that you’d like to replicate in your own backyard? If so, theme gardens are the perfect option for you, and the talented designers at Neave Landscaping are here to help. We can mimic existing layouts of famous or noteworthy gardens you’ve seen around the world and bring them to your home.

theme gardenA Neave Landscaping architect is waiting to help recreate your favorite garden. After you schedule a consultation, your personal architect will visit your home, listen to your ideas and walk you through any scaling or adjustments that need to be made to fulfill your request.

In some cases, your regional climate may not be suitable for importing foreign plants. There may be other limitations, but don’t worry – your personal Neave Landscaping architect will be able to recommend similar plants that are more likely to succeed in your particular climate. We want your theme garden to blossom beautifully, and will go to great lengths to turn your dreams into a reality.

Many theme gardens are highlighted by statues, water features and lighting systems, and we have the power and know-how to deliver on all levels. Our friends at Neave Masonry and Neave Carpentry can help accent the theme garden with influences from around the world. In many cases, we can custom design these features for you!

We very much recommend that a theme garden installation be followed up with routine maintenance visits. Our expert arborists are trained to inspect soil quality and plant health, trim and prune plants to keep up appearances, and control diseases. At Neave Landscaping, our ability to coordinate with the larger network of Neave Group allows us to offer a complete service, giving our customers a level of satisfaction and simplicity that you won’t find anywhere else.

Your backyard theme garden is just a phone call away. Contact Neave Landscaping to bring your favorite theme garden to life.

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