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There is simply no better tree removal service in the New York Hudson Valley area or south-eastern Connecticut. We go to great lengths to ensure the health of your trees and will do whatever we can to revive one that is struggling. However, in some cases, tree removal is inevitable. That’s when you need a safe and reliable tree removal service. Rest easy knowing that Neave Group’s tree removal service is fully licensed and completely insured.


Tree removal is an intensive process, but we’re always up to the challenge. Property owners remove trees for several reasons, and there are certain situations where tree removal must be performed due to safety concerns. Our tree removal and stump grinding services are available throughout the year to accommodate your tree care needs.

The simultaneous priorities with tree removal are safety and the preservation of the surrounding landscape. We have the manpower, know-how and machinery to perform tree removal safely. We diligently prepare for each job so that there are no surprises. Since trees have deep roots that can spread throughout the ground, it’s important to use the best service available when removing trees from your property. It is not always as simple as pulling it out of the earth!

Of course, there are those unfortunate times when a tree snaps or becomes uprooted during a storm. Neave Landscaping will remove downed trees quickly and safely following a storm. If necessary, we can coordinate with Neave Lawn Care for a full storm damage cleanup of your property. We’ll also inspect the other trees on your property to ensure they’re in good health.

Aside from the physical labor itself, there is a lot of red tape to cut through as well. Your Neave Landscaping expert will jump through every legal loophole and city bylaw on your behalf in order to acquire all the paperwork and licenses necessary to get the job done. We do all the heavy (and light) lifting to ensure that the only time you lift a finger is to call us.

Contact us at Neave Landscaping to find out more about our tree removal or to schedule an appointment if you have any urgent safety concerns.

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Today – I am writing simply to say thank you for a job well done. Your staff did our spring cleanup yesterday. The yard looks so much better, and to my delight – they cleaned up ALL of the debris – including the pile I built up at the head of our driveway. This is the kind of service that builds loyalty to an organization and just makes you feel good. Thank you for putting a smile on my face when I came home from work yesterday – just by seeing how nice the yard looked.
John and Linda B.Hopewell Junction, New York

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