For those of you who see bare patches on your lawn for no explanation, we often recommend lawn overseeding. Despite what the name might imply to some, this is not a wasteful use of resources! Grass can wear down with age or due to heavy foot traffic causing patches and uneven growth. Overseeding services with Neave Lawn Care will bring a beautiful balance to your grass and give you that healthy lawn you’ve always wanted.

overseeding to repair bare spots or thin patches

What to do Before Overseeding Your Lawn

Our professional Neave Lawn Care specialists will inspect your lawn before we perform any overseeding. While other companies might just spray seed all over your lawn hoping for the best results, we thoroughly inspect your lawn and prepare it prior to overseeding so you can expect nothing but even healthy turf growth.

We’ll carefully examine your existing lawn, replacing topsoil where it is required, identifying bare spots that need more help, and doing all the required dirty work so that you don’t have to worry. Our overseeding practices are professional, efficient and produce amazing results that you can be proud of.

When is the Best Time to Overseed

The best times for overseeding your lawn are in the early spring and early fall. Late August to early September is the best time to overseed cool season grasses. While warm-season grasses should be done when nighttime temperatures are consistently in the 60s, usually, this will be in October.

You can get your grass seeds ready and schedule Neave Lawn Care to apply this service to your property in advance, or enlist as a per event basis. In some cases, we can even plant your new grass seed at mid-season or late summer to restore your lawn to the state you expect.

With over forty years of experience, we can tell you that lawn overseeding not only benefit the look and feel of your lawn, it also better prepares your lawn for the winter by allowing grass roots to anchor themselves in the ground. Overseeding today will give your lawn a luscious look, making your neighbors wonder how you did it!

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The Benefits of Lawn Overseeding

The benefits of overseeding include better water retention, increased rooting depth and improved fertility. It also provides a more uniform color throughout the year and can help reduce disease problems in lawns prone to them. Additionally, overseeding can make it easier for the grass to recover from cold winters.

One of the unknown benefits of overseeding is that it also protects your lawn from weed growth! A thick, luscious field of grass will have thick roots that anchor into the ground taking up any extra space where weeds might begin to grow. Since weeds compete with local plant life and grass for the nutrients, they won’t be able to become a problem if your soil is saturated with thick, healthy grass.

Lawn aerators can help open up space out of compacted soil

Why is it Beneficial to do Core Aeration and Overseeding at the Same Time?

Booking Neave Group’s lawn aeration and overseeding services at the same time has several benefits. First, lawn aeration opens up the soil making it easier for the seed to reach its ideal depth for root establishment. Increasing water, nutrients, and air penetration into the soil will create an optimum environment for seeds to take hold and get a healthy, thick lawn over time.

Furthermore, when lawn aeration and overseeding work are done simultaneously, they encourage stronger, deeper root growth. This helps to reduce soil compaction; an issue that can cause drainage problems and inhibit plant growth. Overall, combining aeration with seeding ensures healthier grass that is more likely to withstand extreme temperatures or weather conditions.

Finally, when you aerate and seed your lawn at the same time, it saves you time and money by reducing the amount of labor involved in two separate processes.

Get the Lush Green Lawn You’ve Always Wanted

Let Neave lawn overseeding service help you get the lush lawn you always wanted. Why bother with overseeding tools that you’re only going to use a couple of times per year? The professionals at Neave Lawn Care understand what it takes to make your grass as green as can be! Let us go to work for you and discover the difference it makes to have Neave Lawn Care professionals on your side! Contact us today to find out more about our timely, professional and high-quality overseeding programs!

Contact us online to schedule a consultation with one of our professionals or give us a call at 845-463-0592 for Hudson Valley, 914-271-7996 for Westchester, or 203-212-4800 for Connecticut residents and businesses!