Standard insect and pest control allows us to treat certain areas and plant life, but if you have a major infestation than Neave Lawn Care can gladly take care of that problem for you! We are fully certified, licensed and insured to apply pest control measures on virtually any scale.

Insect-Pest-ManagementBugs and insects don’t just ruin your time outdoors, they can seriously endanger your plant life. Many of them will feed on plant life for sustenance, and a luscious backyard can seem like an all-you-can-eat buffet! Fortunately there are a wide variety of organic, all-natural and reduced-risk treatments available. Neave Lawn Care will develop the perfect integrated pest control service for your specific circumstance.

In some instances, completely eliminating certain pests is simply not possible and we’re not going to make promises we can’t keep. Instead Neave Lawn Care will work diligently to create an ideal integrated pest management program that will have immediate and long term affects on your outdoor space.

We also offer tick and flea spraying that is a great service for pet owners. Both ticks and fleas are known to carry harmful disease which can affect humans and animals alike. Don’t worry about your four-legged loved ones playing outdoors and becoming infested with annoying critters! A Neave Lawn Care specialist can treat your lawn professionally and carefully to reduce your fears and create a safe environment for your entire family to enjoy. This treatment is usually applied two-to-three times per year and can be regularly scheduled as part of your routine service!

Neave Lawn Care specializes in insect and pest control because they can be a serious threat to the health of your outdoor plant life. We want you to enjoy the view and outdoor aesthetic you planned for, without having to worry about infestations destroying your investment. Contact us today to find out more about integrated pest management programs!

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