A beautiful entrance can fill a person with wonder, while a poorly planned entrance can make people want to turn away. Neave Masonry can help you ensure that your entrance provides a memorable first impression for anyone that pays you a visit, be it a guest or a customer. We can custom design your entrance so that it welcomes people to your front door in the perfect way.

Front Entrance GateThere are a wide variety of options available for property owners who wish to create a lasting effect on visitors. Neave Masonry can build you arches, gates, fences, statues, water features, driveway aprons and other features that will amaze and delight your guests. Our talented craftsmen and design team can also offer you pristine pathways and unique walkways that lead up to your entrance, creating an inviting and intimate setting.

By enlisting the help of our sister divisions we can create the perfect entrance for your property. For the home owner, consider spicing up your driveway with a driveway apron. We can also work with Neave Aquatics to build captivating water features like fountains. If you think a change of scenery might help, don’t bother moving; just let us combine our energies with Neave Landscaping to improve your existing space. Whatever your dream is, our talented design and construction teams can make it a reality.

Think of your entrance as an investment. A properly-built entrance can add a touch of elegance and decadence to your curbside appeal while also improving your privacy and security. They can be accented easily using planters, lights and security features. For commercial property owners, an entrance is absolutely essential to creating the right atmosphere for your customers, clients and employees.

Whether you’re trying to impress guests, customers, family members, passers by or even potential buyers, the ideal entrance way will add to the value and visual appeal of your home or business.

Contact Neave Masonry to improve the entrance to your residential or commercial property today!

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