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Very few people will brag about their paths and walkways, but the savvy property owners know that they’re essential elements to an outdoor space. Think of them as the ties that seamlessly bind all of your incredible property enhancements together. They guide guests and loved ones through your backyard, connecting them from the pool to the beautifully decorated gazebo. An elegant path welcomes people to your front door and can lead them through your garden. Neave Masonry will help you design, plan and build subtle, useful and splendid walkways.

Path to Patio

Consider all the time and money you’ve spent ensuring that your landscape and lawn are kept in the best condition possible. Doesn’t it make sense to invest at least some of that energy in the perfect paths and walkways to properly accent and utilize your outdoor space?  It’s important for any walkway you have on your property to be functional and attractive. They are as much a part of your outdoor aesthetic as any other element on your property.

Our designers can work with you to develop the perfect combinations of colors, materials and textures so that your walkways stand out. We will do everything in our power to make your paths and walkways the envy of the neighborhood. Neave Masonry offers a wide range of brick, stone and other hard materials that will provide you a visually interesting walkway that helps connect all the outdoor areas of your home.

Garden Path

Walkways are an essential addition if you have patios or outdoor eating areas away from the home. They’re also imperative if you have an outdoor pool or athletic court. Keep unwanted traffic off of your precious lawn by providing any guests or family members a safer place to tread as they navigate your backyard.

Paths and walkways aren’t just practical utilities anymore. With Neave Masonry you can design and build walkways that add a touch of class and elegance to your backyard. They can be built to blend in with their surroundings and accented using planters, lighting or any variety of accessories. Design options are virtually limitless when working with Neave Masonry.

We are ready and waiting to help you develop and plan your new paths and walkways. Contact Neave Masonry today to get started!

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We had an idea for a pool and spa. The designers from Neave sat with us, reviewed our concept, and came back with their design in the form of a beautiful computer rendering. Several months later, we now have an amazing pool and patio that matched the rendering we were presented with. The professionalism of each of the Neave contractors throughout the process was amazing and we are extremely satisfied with the final result!
Christian G.Yorktown Heights

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