Neave Sports proudly offers a variety of tennis court surfaces to suit whatever playing style you’re looking for! Our designers and contractors can answer any questions that you have about maintenance, cost and performance.

Concrete or Pavement Courts

These are the standard courts you’ll see in most backyards and recreation centers. While durable and cost efficient, they are also susceptible to warping and cracks, radiate a higher level of heat and don’t perform as consistently as our other surfaces. If you’re looking for a cost effective option, entry-level, option then concrete and pavement tennis courts are a good start.

Flex Court’s Premium Tennis Court Tiles

Hudson Valley Tennis CourtFlex Court’s outdoor premium athletic tiles are rated as a medium speed playing surface by the International Tennis Federation. They are also specifically engineered to be more forgiving than concrete or asphalt, reducing instances of sports related injury, while offering a true bounce and hard court feel.

Maintenance of Flex Court tiles are as easy as can be. Designed to be quick drying and self-draining, you won’t have to worry about standing water or dealing with brooms to make sure your tennis court is ready for action. In the case that any of the tiles become damaged, you can simply replace those specific tiles instead of doing a complete court replacement. We love that Flex Court’s tiles are priced to move, while cutting down on maintenance and repair costs, and we know you will too. To make choosing Flex Court tiles even easier, they come with a 16-year manufacturer direct warranty.

If you have any questions about Flex Court’s premium outdoor or indoor tiles for tennis courts then contact our representatives and we’ll be happy to answer them!

Synthetic Turf Tennis Court

Artificial Turf Tennis CourtSynthetic turf is a terrific choice for those that enjoy the grass game, but don’t want to bother with all the maintenance and irrigation that comes with grass courts. Our synthetic turf tennis courts boast a quality of performance that you won’t find elsewhere, with amazing slip resistance, traction and shock absorbing technologies in place so that you can keep playing longer.

A variety of synthetic turfs exist depending on the pace of play you’re looking for. We have faster turfs for professional level grass court play, or slower turfs designed for amateurs and beginners.

Contact Neave Sports to inquire about our synthetic turf tennis courts!

Natural Grass Tennis Court

Though it requires a bit more maintenance than other surfaces, purists who are looking for natural grass tennis courts are in the right place with Neave Sports. We’ll survey your property and make recommendations on what type of grass to install, and offer tips on maintaining your court so that it performs at the highest level possible. Irrigation system installation is also available so that your natural grass tennis court can survive the blazing summer months!

Acrylic Tennis Court

Acrylic tennis courts are incredibly durable and fully customizable. They are available in a wide range of lively colors that are fade-resistant. One of the major benefits of acrylic tennis courts is that they require less maintenance than concrete and asphalt and can come in a variety of game speeds. Play at a medium pace for beginners, or ramp up the tempo on your new acrylic hard court by contacting Neave Sports!

Clay Tennis Court

Didn’t think it was possible did you? Neave Sports can easily build a clay court in your backyard using either real clay or synthetic clay! These surfaces offer a true clay court feel for tennis enthusiasts of all levels.

Though they’re labor intensive in terms of maintenance, we can offer tips and services to help you keep your court at its peak performance. Don’t worry – your Neave Sports personal contractor will help you evaluate all the pros and cons of having a clay tennis court thoroughly to ensure that you make a highly informed decision.

Clay tennis courts are hard to find, but Neave Sports makes it easier. We offer installation for both commercial and residential properties. Believe us when we tell you that a clay tennis court will make yours the most unique backyard playground there is!

If the clay court game is your favorite, then contact Neave Sports today to find out more about our incredible service offerings in clay tennis court construction.

Classic Clay Tennis Court

Classic Clay is a brand that offers a true clay tennis court feel without the excessive maintenance hassles. This incredible tennis surface is waterless and boasts permanent game lines that won’t blur as you dive for drop shots. Perhaps the best quality of Classic Clay is that the mineral in-fill is not small enough to go airborne, meaning that you won’t have to worry about court dust kicking up during play.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has rated Classic Clay with a slow pace rating of 32.7. It perfectly recreates the uniqueness of the clay game and still offers terrific underfoot friction that will allow you to glide and slide as if it were real clay. This is an ideal choice for backyard clay tennis court construction, or commercial use and is a fantastic surface to train your future French Open contenders on.

If you want to enjoy an artificial clay tennis court, this is the perfect surface. Classic Clay offers all the fun of real clay with far less upkeep so you can spend your time sliding and playing! Contact Neave Sports to find out more about the incredibly innovative Classic Clay tennis surface!