Bioswales are specially designed troughs that offer a path for water to run through. They are typically shallow and wide, and packed with a specifically selected type of vegetation or plant life that allows for water to travel through them slowly. Many people elect to use bioswales if they have property near roads as they can slow the amount of runoff infiltration from storm water or heavy rain fall. Neave Storm Water can develop a custom made bioswale for your property to address your specific drainage needs.

bioswale1The general idea behind bioswales is to offer a natural looking rain water filter that cleans runoff and rain water before it infiltrates the water table. This enables ground water that feeds your property’s plant life to maintain a higher level of quality, thereby cutting down on maintenance and lawn care costs.

Bioswales and rain gardens can come in two variations. The first is wet swales, which are predominantly used on commercial properties because they actually pool storm water in order to allow it to infiltrate the ground water at an acceptable rate. Wet swales can be filled with grass and other organic filters that remove pollutants and contaminants.

The second variation is a dry swale, which prevents water from pooling on the surface. These are popular in residential areas because they remove puddles that can collect during heavy rain fall. Dry swales are often outfitted with a bottom layer of soil and sand, which are placed on top of an underdrain that consists of gravel encasing a perforated pipe that directs water in a desired direction.

Bioswales are an excellent, eco-friendly drainage solution that can allow you to replenish ground water without sacrificing integrity. The major benefit of a bioswale is that it can absorb low levels of overflow easily, while properly redirecting large volumes of water at the same time. Contact Neave Storm Water to find out how bioswales can benefit your property!