Dry creeks are a pleasing combination of aesthetic functionality as they not only work to capture run-off water and drain it properly, but can also be modeled to compliment your backyard beautifully. They are a creative solution to backyard drainage issues, and can be designed in any number of ways using different styles of rocks. You can even wind them through your garden in a distinctive fashion that will catch the eye. Dry creeks are a drainage solution that can become a stunning garden feature when working with Neave Storm Water.

dry creekEssentially, dry creeks are shallow troughs that are built at the bottom of slopes where pooling occurs during storms and rain fall. The troughs are padded tightly and can be lined with non-permeable material so that run-off doesn’t penetrate in to the ground. Filling the dry creeks with stones or gravel serves as a filtration device that collects contaminants and sediment, while also pacing the flow of water to the outlet source to prevent spill over.

Many simple drainage problems can be fixed by a simple dry creek provided by Neave Storm Water. There may be some site grading required to properly utilize the potential of your dry creek since the storm water needs to be redirected appropriately. Our professional technicians are fully trained to offer you the best service in the industry so that your Neave Storm Water dry creek works to perfection. Many people have even installed dry creeks in areas where no drainage issues exist because they are so aesthetically pleasing!

Neave Storm Water can build fully customized dry creeks to properly accent, and protect, your backyard. Select from a wide range of looks and have your dry creek built to display your distinctive tastes. This is one of the less invasive drainage solutions that we offer, and in many cases it can approve the visual appeal of your backyard space while also serving a specific purpose.

You can schedule an appointment with one of our technicians to see if this is the ideal solution for you and your property by contacting us today. Have a drainage solution that you can brag about by having Neave Storm Water install a gorgeous dry creek to prevent erosion and control storm water overflow.