Installing dry wells underground offers a very reliable drainage solution that is both out of sight and out of mind. Dry wells distribute unwanted stormwater into the local groundwater and can serve as an outlet for your other drainage solutions such as dry creeks or French drains. They are designed to accept a massive amount of runoff and then store it as it is drained at a reasonable rate into the groundwater so they can serve as an excellent complement to any new or existing drainage solutions you install on your property.

Dry WellDry wells can serve as an ideal end-point for run-off and overflowing stormwater that is redirected by other drainage systems. Neave Storm Water custom builds all of our dry wells to address your specific needs so the size is really up to you. Our specialists can recommend a location and size for your dry well after the site inspection. There are typically two types of dry wells.

The first is a pit filled with some sort of filtration methods, such as riprap or gravel. This allows water to be paced properly as it exits through several small openings at the base of the dry well. The water is also filtered so dangerous contaminants are removed before they enter the groundwater. Dry wells filled with filters have reduced volume capacities for runoff water since they are mostly filled already but they can still function optimally depending on the amount of incoming runoff they receive. The second type of dry well has less filtration but offers more storage capacity for run-off water.

These are especially useful in areas that receive major storms on a regular basis during wet seasons. Large volume dry wells are reinforced with concrete with perforated edges to allow for more efficient water flow. These wells are designed to accept a large amount of water immediately, and then slowly distribute the runoff into the groundwater at an acceptable rate.

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