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One of the most popular ways to prevent sub-surface water is to use a French drain. These are trenches covered with gravel or rock that contain a perforated pipe that redirects surface water away from a specific area. Instead of infiltrating in to the sub-surface, the water is expelled to a desired location, such as a septic tank or drain field. French drains are a fantastic preventative measure that can protect retaining walls and sub-surface elements of your property from falling victim to swelling ground water pressure. Most homes will have French drains built around the external sides of the foundation, or have them installed underneath the basement floor on the inside perimeter of the basement. This allows your home to be protected from sub-surface water collection and allows your property to perform optimally during heavy rainfall by directing the water away from any area of your property that is underground. Since French drains are also buried underneath earth or rocks, they are also out of view. Installation begins with the placing of the piping system, which will collect excess water and channel it away from problem areas. The pipes are locked in to place using gravel or rocks, which help mitigate the water from overflowing the pipes while also offering a protective barrier for the piping systems. The rocks also act as filtration device to prevent sediment and contaminants from collecting inside the pipes. This can lead to clogging. Man made filter fibers and natural filters can also be installed to prevent clogging from occurring. French drains can typically operate untouched for up to ten years, but require inspection on a regular basis. A clogged French drain can lead to flooded basements and many other problems. Neave Storm Water performs installation and inspection services for new and existing French drains. It is our goal to ensure that your French drains work properly to protect your home and investment! Neave Storm Water has worked in the New York and Connecticut area for decades so we are also familiar with the legal requirements in your area for French drains. Some municipalities will require permits to build drainage systems so that they are free of certain contaminants and sediment. Don’t worry – Neave Storm Water will work to collect the permits for you and ensure that your French drain is built to code. Our commitment to detail knows no bounds. Contact us at Neave Storm Water to find out more about our French drains!

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