Rain water harvesting systems are a fantastic way of turning heavy rain fall in to a personal benefit. They can be built to collect and store rain water in a specific tank so that you can recycle the water for any particular need you may have. Many people use rain water storage for household applications such as cleaning, watering the backyard.

rainwaterbarrelBuilding a rain water harvesting system is also a proactive way to reduce the affect of storm water on your property. Flooding, ground water swelling and environmental erosion are all major drainage problems that can lead to massive repair bills. When we build our rain water harvesting systems, we not only ensure that they maximize collection, but also properly address any drainage issues your property has. It’s no use saving tons of money on your water utilities every month if you just have to use those savings to fix a flood in your basement.

We aim to protect the environment during violent storms by utilizing low-impact development (LID) practices. Your rain water harvesting system will use a variety of methods that help manage, redirect and control storm water overflow. On top of that, collecting rain water in tanks and rain barrels circumvents the need for storm water basins or other reservoirs that are typically above ground on your property. By incorporating a storm water harvesting system into a new or existing irrigation system you can not only reduce your ecological foot print, but you can also save money on your water bill. There are also tax breaks and subsidies available to homeowners and business owners to take sustainability to the next level and get there properties LEED certified.

The components of a rain water harvesting system depend on your particular situation, and a Neave Storm Water technician will assess your site so that we can make the perfect system for you. The elements of a rain water harvesting system can include roofing alterations, gutters, water storage, filtration systems, rain barrels, surge and pump tanks, and flush diverters. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with all of these components – that’s what Neave Storm Water is here for!

Contact us at Neave Storm Water to find out if your property is capable of rain water harvesting and take advantage of mother nature’s outbursts by reducing your utility bill while also avoiding future drainage problems!