Rain water will typically go where gravity demands, so ensuring that you have proper site grading on your property is a must. Neave Storm Water can assess the natural flow of water that occurs on your land and re-grade your site with gentle slopes to force run-off in a particular direction. Most of the time, a shallow incline is all that’s needed to increase drainage and prevent pooling or floods.

Site GradingSite grading is a process that changes the contours of your land to address your drainage problems. This is done by altering the landscape’s current inclines to accommodate better water flow. In some cases, minor changes can be performed that allow for drastic improvements. However, there are some instances were site grading is an aggressive process that requires excavating using heavy machinery to reshape your site. We are perfectly equipped to handle any scale for site grading, whether it’s a large commercial property or your own backyard. Once a plan of action has been agreed upon, we will begin the process of creating slopes that control your drainage issues properly.

Clients are advised by our professionally trained technicians that site grading is not a complete solution and in some cases, site grading is not possible given certain factors. Site grading can improve your drainage problems to a great degree, but if the water has nowhere to escape to, you’re still going to have an issue. Pairing site grading with other drainage solutions, such as a French drain or dry creek, is the best way to maximize your drainage potential. Your Neave Storm Water contractor will fully explain the benefits of site grading in regards to your individual circumstances.

In the event that site grading is not possible, Neave Storm Water has plenty of other solutions that can improve your drainage situation. Contact Neave Storm Water today to find out more information about our site grading service, or to schedule a visit from one of our technicians, who can preform a thorough assessment and make recommendations that will alleviate your drainage problems!