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Outdoor decorations in front of homeWhen it comes to holiday decorating, are you a Grinch or a Clark Griswold?

Do you sneer at the stress of hanging lights—unboxing, untangling and undergoing the frustration of burnt-out bulbs? Or, do you go into the season with gusto and big plans, only to press the “on” button and discover that revealing a show-stopping light display doesn’t always go as smoothly as you expected?

Perhaps you’re a procrastinator who waits until last-minute, hangs a wreath and figures there’s always next year.

Why wait? Why deal with the stress and frustration? Why not make holiday decorating easy this year?

Here are five reasons to hire a pro to manage your holiday lights, from design and installation to take-down.

#1 Refresh Your Holiday Décor

Christmas ribbon garlandsIf you typically purchase outdoor Christmas lights at a retailer and put them up yourself, you’re going to get the same results as every other consumer shopping the holiday aisle. Set your property apart from the rest with a custom-designed display using commercial-grade materials that will weather the harsh elements and deliver a wow factor you can’t find in the store.

Professional holiday decorators will stage a holiday display for your home that will accent your property’s features.

#2 You Go Shopping—Let the Pro Put Up Holiday Lights  

The holiday season is jammed with events and obligations, from parties to programs and shopping lists to complete. Why deal with the hassle of putting up holiday lights? Rather than worrying, “I better get on that ladder while the weather’s decent if I want to get the Christmas lights up this year,” enlist in a professional that can provide turnkey design, installation and take-down. An experienced team can efficiently install lights and décor while you make the best use of your time.


#3 Finally, Something That’s Low-Maintenance This Holiday

White trees with lightsThere are many aspects of the holiday season that are high maintenance. For some, it’s finding the perfect gift for the in-laws—for others, it’s getting the perfect dress for a gala, or dealing with a difficult family member during Christmas Eve dinner. Whatever “extra work” the holidays bring, your Christmas lights and décor shouldn’t add to the mayhem. Professional holiday lighting and decorating includes maintenance and service, so if the unexpected happens—it’s not your problem.

#4 Put Your Feet Up After the Holidays

After six weeks of parties, gatherings, gift-giving, entertaining and indulging, the New Year is a welcome fresh start. And, let’s face it, we all tend to feel worn out after the holidays are over, so dealing with one more task—taking down Christmas lights and décor—can be a real drag. When you enlist in a pro to manage your holiday lights, the service includes take-down. Exhale.

#5 Don’t Worry About Storage

Home with decorationsWhere will you store the oversized wreath, the reels of outdoor lights and the bins of bows, stars, ornaments and more? With a professional holiday décor service that includes storage and restoration, you don’t need to save room in the attic for the boxes. And, when the holiday season rolls around again, your decorations will be spruced up so they are in good-as-new condition, ready to reuse.

You Deserve This Gift

Destress your holidays by hiring a professional to design, install, maintain, take down and store your holiday décor. Neave Décor provides full-service holiday indoor and outdoor decorating for the Christmas season—and beyond. Let us design a holiday display that will make memories for your family and friends.

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neave holiday lighting tip sheet book

FREE Holiday Guide

Download our FREE Lighting & Decorating Guide to start decorating your house like a pro!

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