Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Provider for Residents in New York

So you got a new pool that you are proud of, one that turned your backyard into an oasis and is the envy of your neighbors. What now? You may want to consider swimming pool service and maintenance to preserve the beauty, safety and functionality of your swimming pool.

Regular proper pool maintenance by a certified professional and highly trained pool maintenance company like Neave Pools can help extend the life of swimming pools. A properly maintained vinyl liner pool can last 15 years or more before needing a new liner, however in a poorly maintained pool, a liner might only last 3 years, and custom gunite pools are just as vulnerable.

Our staff is trained to detect potential problems before they start. We verify the condition of the pool, pool chemicals and it’s equipment as we perform our regular maintenance, allowing us to catch problems early, and prevent more costly repairs — another great reason to choose Neave Pools for your pool maintenance.

The best pool service and repair and pool care in the New York and Connecticut area is just a phone call away! Contact us today to discuss your pool maintenance needs and schedules.

Pool repair & service in Connecticut & New York

Clear communication is integral for us to give great pool service. Taking your backyard to the next level begins by contacting us here or with a simple phone call to Neave Pools at one of our three convenient locations:

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Employee at Neave Group performs pool service water testing

Water Testing

Poor pool water quality can deteriorate a pool’s equipment and shell, creating pool repair issues and affecting its lifespan. Your swimming pool is an investment you expect to last—and that requires regular water testing to assure proper chemistry and pH levels. Our Certified Pool Operators in New York are trained to properly test pool water.

Our pool service follows a stringent protocol to ensure your swimming pool health and safety. Then, we make the necessary adjustments to ensure the proper pH and water chemistry levels.

Pool Water Testing Prevents Costly Repairs

When pool water chemistry is out of balance, you’ll have cloudy pool water and can end up replacing pool equipment, replastering gunite and replacing vinyl pool liners. While automated chemical maintenance systems are convenient, these still should be verified by a professional pool company to ensure they are in proper working order.

Schedule Regular Pool Water Testing

Our pool company will develop a customized pool care schedule based on your pool needs, it can be a weekly maintenance, monthly or yearly. Our professionals can become your personal full-service pool chemist so you can swim safely with peace of mind—and simply enjoy your swimming pool!

Pool detection tips include checking leaks

Pool Leaks

Pool leaks are common and nothing to be concerned about as long as the leak is identified immediately and and pool repair is administered properly.

What Causes Pool Leaks? Pool leaks are often a natural occurrence, and minor issues can trigger a leak. Those include pool pump problems, broken plumbing, loose fittings on rails, wear and tear.

Repairing Pool Leaks

Neave Pools assigns a Certified Service Technician (CST) to your New York property to investigate the pool leak and determine the cause. We even have a certified diver on staff if necessary. Repairs can range from simply patching the pool liner to full pool liner replacement. Our team has experience repairing vinyl pools and gunite swimming pools.

Preventing Pool Leaks

A regular pool maintenance program can help prevent leaks, and periodic pool service visits from CST assure that leaks and other issues are identified right away. Pool maintenance is a proactive way to protect your pool—and your investment.

Professional pool service and repair worker performs pool cleaning maintenance

Pool Cleaning

Now that you have the custom luxury pool you’ve always wanted, keep it clean and running smoothly with regular vacuuming and pool cleaning—a necessity for pool owners who want to preserve their investment. Full or Partial Swimming Pool Services Neave Pools offers open/close only, a comprehensive seasonal program which includes open/close and 16 weekly visits from our pool cleaners and a comprehensive annual program that includes winter pool service.

What to Expect from a Pool Cleaning Service

Neave Pools performs simple or detailed pool cleaning based on your needs. Pool service includes thoroughly cleaning pool water, drainage systems and the pool surround. Water testing is performed to ensure a proper pH and chemical balance. We’ll also remove branches, leaves and clutter from the pool surface and surrounding area.

Pool Service, Cleaning and Repair from Neave Pools

The role of our swimming pool service department team goes beyond keeping your pool water safe and clean. During regular cleaning visits, our pool technician will also assess mechanicals, including the pool heater, pool pump and filter system, pool lights, hot tub service, pool spa maintenance and other working parts. We service all types of swimming pools including above ground pool outdoor pool, inground pool and others. If there is an issue, we can catch it right away so they don’t turn into costly repairs.

Neave Group only provides services in the following counties of New York & Connecticut: ColumbiaUlsterOrangeRocklandDutchessBedfordWestchesterRye CountyChappaqua County, and Putnam. Counties of Connecticut: FairfieldLitchfieldNew HavenGreenwich, and New Canaan.

Contact us today to learn more about our pool service company and how you can protect your investment and enjoy clean, healthy water.