New York Service Areas

Neave Group only provides services in the following counties of New York: New York City, Columbia, Ulster, Orange, Rockland, Dutchess, Bedford, Westchester, Rye County, Chappaqua County, and Putnam.

Your Landscape Deserves VIP Service

It’s more than a backyard and beyond a place to barbecue. Your New York property is where family and friends can safely gather, where you entertain and make memories, and where you can create an inviting, luxury staycation destination right outside your door. But who can you trust to take care of your lawn and landscape? And, if you want to enhance your property or take on a large project like building a pool, how can you find a professional that will deliver the quality, craftsmanship and value you expect?

We’re glad you asked. The reality is, finding a qualified, dependable service provider to care for your landscape isn’t always easy. There are plenty of companies that advertise lawn care services, but all they do is mow, blow and go. Other landscapers might lack the range of services and trained staff, and ideally you want to work with an outdoor living service that can handle all of your needs.

We want to help you find a reputable and experienced landscape company that offers many options. This guide will help you vet companies close to you in New York so you can make the right choice for your property.

Experience You Can Trust

Your landscape is an asset that can increase property value if it’s properly maintained, and this requires expertise and training. When hiring the best landscape company for your New York landscape, ask about certification and education. Will the same crew care for your outdoor space every visit? This is important, because a dedicated crew is invested in quality results and truly gets to know your property.

Before you hire a landscaper, research the company to find out if it has won industry awards, what credentials its team members hold, and ask for referrals. An experienced landscape provider will gladly provide access to clients who can share their opinions. Online reviews are also helpful. If there are negative reviews, why? Were there issues with quality, punctuality, customer service, billing? Before hiring a company, ask about these factors.

Finally, a picture is worth a thousand words. Look at the landscape company’s photo gallery. Does the provider care for properties like yours? Is the company capable of the scope, size, or complexity your landscape might entail? Also, if there is no gallery, that’s a potential red flag. Why not?

Professional Licenses and Certifications

When a landscape provider invests in education to help team members achieve industry certifications and licensing, you know you’re working with a firm that values quality and professionalism. Premium landscape providers in New York are a part of industry trade associations such as the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), New York Landscape Contractors Association and the Association for Pool and Spa Professionals.

Associations like NALP offer rigorous courses to earn certifications including Certified Lawn Care Technician.

Hire an Award-Winning Landscape & Outdoor Living Provider

Deciding which landscape company to hire for your New York property can be overwhelming because there are lots of options. But once you begin vetting different providers by considering experience, customer service, professional licenses and certifications, it’s much easier to limit your search to high-quality, reputable companies.

Neave Group Outdoor Solutions is a committed, growing family-owned operation that was founded in 1973 and consistently wins awards as a top landscape company in Hudson Valley and beyond. We credit our values to invest in team members’ education, and to deliver quality and the type of results we’d expect on our own properties. Ultimately, it’s all about our people, and the relationships they build with our clients speaks volumes.

As a full-service outdoor living solutions and landscape company, Neave Group is a single source for everything from lawn care to building the patio and pool of your dreams. Our clients appreciate that as they grow their inspiration and expand their outdoor living spaces, we can grow with them because of our capacity, talent and experience.

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