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If you already have a pool, maybe it’s time to consider a renovation. Improving your existing pool’s surroundings and quality will not only offer your family and friends a better outdoor paradise, it can also improve the value of your home, reduce operating and maintenance costs and make your backyard even more pool enjoyable.

The first thing you’ll receive when you restore your current pool is an instantly more beautiful backyard. You’ll want to be outside more, and you’ll see your home value go up also should you decide to part with it. Whether you’re replacing a liner, re-plastering the whole pool, or upgrading/replacing the coping around your pool, even the smallest improvements can make a huge difference towards transforming that old pool into one that looks like new. You can also update the landscape and surrounding areas to give your yard that fresh, lush feeling.

Here are a few benefits of working with Neave Pools for your pool renovation or pool restoration project:

Pool Remodeling for Improved Appearance

Time for a pool makeover? With Neave Pools, you can discuss and explore ideas about altering the appearance of your pool or the surrounding area. You can choose to completely overhaul your existing pool and create a brand new space, or simply update certain features. Add a grotto or other pool features like a pool deck, pool house or choose from a variety of pool liners that can instantly update the appearance of your pool!
split screen comparison of a pool before restoration and after

Improved Pool Safety

Maybe you’ve added new members to your family or have some pets you want to keep out of the pool area. No matter what your safety concern is, Neave Pools can offer you budget-friendly solutions to meet your needs. We  also ensure that your pool is up-to-date on building regulations and safety codes.
a newly renovated swimming pool with metal fence for safety

Update Your Quality of Life

There’s a chance that you bought a house that already had a pool and never had the chance to refurbish it to fit your desires. Let Neave Pools help! We can upgrade your entire outdoor area by changing the pool surface, adding a pool house, water feature or the popular infinity edges!

Cost Efficiency

Operating costs of a pool can be expensive if you’re using out-of-date technology to maintain it. By improving the heaters, filters, sanitation systems or even the lighting, you can expect to save money by reducing your operating costs and electricity bills! We have lots of great options that can help you automate all of your maintenance duties that will save you time and money!


Go green with Neave Pools and ask us about our solar-powered water heaters, chlorine alternatives and environmentally conscious upgrades. Not only will these eco-friendly features save you money, they’ll save the environment as well. Enjoy peace of mind by committing to sustainability. Our staff can help you choose the perfect options to make your pool friendlier for the environment!

Get Started

Take a look at just some of the pool renovation services we offer:

Want to learn more regarding how Neave Pools and Neave Group Outdoor Solutions can transform your dilapidated yard and pool into a beautifully updated and restored oasis?

Contact us today for your free consultation with one of our pool restoration specialists.

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