We understand that each client requires a unique set of lawn services to properly maintain their property. That’s why Neave Lawn Care proudly personalizes a specific package of lawn care services for every single client. Whether you’re a large-scale commercial property owner or a residential homeowner, we will offer you a complete package that will allow your lawn to thrive year round.

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Neave Lawn Care has developed a tried and tested method for developing a perfect lawn care service package. We understand that each client has their unique needs and that every property is different. Each customized turf healthcare program begins with a free lawn analysis which allows our lawn care professionals to gain an intimate understanding of your turf. This allows us to diagnose certain problems, identify concerns and also evaluate the current health of your grass. In general, it simply gives us a chance to get to know our customers and their properties much better.

From there we outline the services that you may require. Below you will find a brief list of the types of services that we can provide. Your services will be tailored to address the issues facing your property, while also working around your already busy schedule. At Neave Lawn Care you can expect to enjoy services including:

Free Lawn Analysis
An opportunity for Neave Lawn Care specialists to examine your turf, soil conditions and take the first steps in developing a suitable action plan to provide your property the services it may need.
We can offer a fully customized fertilization management plan that suits your personal preferences and provides the nutrition that your turf will need to thrive through the growing season! With 50 years of experience, you can’t go wrong with Neave Lawn Care.
A method which restores barren patches or withered areas to look just like new! Our overseeding techniques include thorough soil analysis to ensure that the seeds will have a chance to anchor and grow, providing you an even, balanced and gorgeous turf!
Lawn Aeration
This is perhaps one of the most overlooked lawn maintenance services out there. Over time, soil can become compacted or the underlying thatch can become too thick. This makes it difficult for grass to grow because it does not allow for the free flow of nutrients, oxygen, and water. We have the tools and professionals available to make lawn aeration a simple and easy remedy for turfs that require it!
Organic Lawn Care
We have a wide range of organic lawn care practices and applications for the environmentally concerned. Neave Lawn Care analyzes the environmental impact of all their products and services so we are aware of how we are affecting the planet. To find out more about our organic lawn care services, just ask!
Weed and Pest Control
Get rid of obnoxious weeds, pests, and infestations at their source! We are fully licensed, insured and certified for the application of various pesticides and weed control solutions. Organic practices are available as well.

Neave Lawn Care also has an experienced branch of plant health care arborists who can administer a variety of tree services and plant health care plans. As a holistic service, we can offer you complete solutions so that your lawn and plant life thrive during the growing seasons and luster all year long!

Contact Neave Lawn Care today to schedule your free lawn care analysis and start building your personalized lawn care service package today!

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