At Neave Lawn Care we offer a variety of specialized services that can be tailored and customized to your specific needs. These are usually one-time services that you can enlist and schedule in advance or in case of emergency. Our specialized lawn care services allow us to package and prepare a group of services that will address your every need!


We understand that every client is different, which is why we approach everyone we work using a fresh slate. Even in emergency situations, we’ll take the time to inspect your property thoroughly to ensure we aren’t going to cause any more damage. Our attention to detail in small jobs transcends into larger jobs as well. Our specialized services include:

Insect and Pest Control
For larger jobs and major infestations, Neave Lawn Care is there to contain and control your problem. We are fully licensed and certified and will use an integrated solution that will contain the situation quickly. Afterward, you may want to inquire about our routine pest control visits so we can continue to monitor and treat the infestation until it is completely eliminated.
Event Protection
If you’re planning a large event outdoors, don’t just hope that bugs and critters will leave you alone – guarantee it! Neave Lawn Care specializes in pest prevention for outdoor events. We may not be the party planners you were thinking of when you started organizing, but we’ll quickly prove how invaluable we can be to the process!
Site Soil Analysis
We’ll perform a thorough analysis if your property’s soil with a scientific approach that will give us a greater understanding of your property. Alterations to the quality of the soil can be created through abrupt weather changes, local pollution and a variety of different problems. Let Neave Lawn Care perform a site soil analysis so you can discover exactly what your plants are getting themselves in to!

Contact Neave Lawn Care today to inquire about our special services, and schedule your free consultation today!

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